Zlatan Ibrahimovic claims FIFA and EA Sports don’t have permission to use his name and likeness and are ‘using me to make money’

Zlatan Ibrahimovic claims FIFA and EA Sports have stolen his name and likeness by utilizing them allegedly without his consent. The 39-year-picture old’s initially appeared in FIFA 04.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic claims FIFA not to use his Name and likeness

He has been a significant star in the FIFA video game franchise for decades. However, 17 years later, he seems to have only now realized it — possibly after buying new PS5 consoles for each of his AC Milan teammates. The striker, who has an astounding 11 goals in ten games this season, alleges that EA Sports is “using” him to generate revenue by “using” his name and visage without his consent. He tweeted his displeasure and demanded an investigation into how he was supposedly included in the game without his permission.

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I’m not aware that I’m a member of Fifpro, and if I am, I was inserted there through some strange manoeuvre without my true awareness. And without a doubt, I never permitted @FIFAcom or Fifpro to profit off of me. Someone has been profiting off of my name and face for years without my consent. Time to look into it. Gareth Bale, a star for Tottenham, added to the discussion by asking.

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Although it seems several of the biggest stars in the game are unaware of FIFA Pro or what they do, they are the world’s players union. Because of his club’s exclusive agreement with EA Sports, which began this year, Zlatan’s assertions are even more perplexing. The Italian powerhouses and FIFA reached an agreement that grants the game exclusive access to its players, uniforms, practise facilities, and the San Siro Stadium starting with FIFA 21, which was released in October.

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It appears that the seasoned striker wasn’t involved. One sly fan, however, advised Zlatan to “calm down” and not to worry, claiming that nobody wants him to participate in this year’s game because of his subpar statistics! When the new game is released each year, EA frequently receives criticism for their faulty player numbers, but it looks they got this one wrong because Zlatan is still scoring goals in Serie A. In reality, Ibrahimovic’s agent Mino Raiola has asserted that he can continue to compete at the best level until the age of 50.

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