WWE: Most Violent and Brutal Matches in Wrestling History

WWE  Extreme Rules 2013 does not have a women’s bout set, but even if AJ Lee and Kaitlyn were to compete, their struggle would not be nearly as brutal and gory as the most savage female battles ever. In a brutal bout on WWE Raw, Lita and Jacqueline beat each other with cookie sheets and broomsticks. Lita also competed in a cage battle against Victoria. However, they are the exceptions.

The majority of WWE Divas avoid cages, tables, and barbed wire. The wicked female warriors on this list make even the most uncommon incursions into savagery appear like a Sesame Street episode. Japanese ladies like Mayumi Ozaki and Akira Hokuto keep appearing on this list. Mickie Knuckles and LuFisto, who seem courageous, represent North America.

WWE‘s Divas have dabbled in the extreme territory on occasion

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Their most heinous offers saw these ladies use weapons on each other, cut each other open, and drive our mouths to drop. Here are the most vicious women’s wrestling bouts, ranked by how horribly violent and bloody their battles were. The violent events that followed were somewhat less bloody and severe than those that came before them.

In 1992, Bull Nakano and Akira Hokuto fought within a cage, beating each other with rods and piledriving one other into the mat. In their Falls Count Anywhere bout for Combat Zone Wrestling, LuFisto and Mercedes Martinez utilized tables, barricades, and whatever was within reach. Yumiko Hotta and Momoe Nakanishi battled Amazing Kong (Kharma) and Shark Tsuchiya inside a cage.

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1. Akira Hokuto vs. Shinobu Kandori

Other bouts on our list have more blood and brutality than Akira Hokuto and Shinobu Kandori’s classic, but this one has the most interesting tale. Rarely has a feud between two wrestlers been so expertly exploited. This 1993 encounter included piledrivers and carnage, as well as drama and gamesmanship. Kandori injured Hokuto’s shoulder early in the bout, which was played up throughout the match.

Kandori used this to torment Hokuto, causing her to wail in anguish. Hokuto gets bloodied early on, limping about the ring in an attempt to avoid Kandori’s vicious onslaught. It’s a furious battle that spreads from inside to outside the ring, dragging the audience along for the ride.

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2. Megumi Kudo vs. Shinobu Kandori

In this intense battle from 1997, barbed wire replaced the ring ropes. Megumi Kudo began by using the wire as a weapon, hitting Shinobu Kandori’s skull with it. Kudo subsequently used a wire cutter to chop off portions of it in order to torment her opponent. Kudo threw Kandori down with her notoriously damaging technique, the Kudome Valentine, after removing her from the wire.

Both women’s faces were splattered with blood, and their wrestling tights were drenched. This was a brief battle jam-packed with pulsing fury. Kandori’s ankle lock made it seem as though she intended to tear Kudo’s tendons apart. A forearm finished it, with a depleted Kudo collapsing over her fallen rival.

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3. LuFisto vs. Mickie Knuckles

LuFisto seems to be missing the gland that creates fear. She’s competed against guys like Necro Butcher in fights utilizing broken light bulbs and barbed wire. One would expect nothing less than the destruction that those two ladies delivered against the renowned tough Mickie Knuckles.

The two Deathmatch queens slugged it out and punished each other for the duration, with shattered glass thrown over the mat and barbed wire encircling them. They smacked chairs at each other and suplexed each other onto light tubes. Even the forearms, chops, and kicks had a nasty edge to them. This is not a very good bout in terms of technical wrestling or storyline, but it is disturbingly vicious.

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4. Mayumi Ozaki vs. Takako Inoue

Put two of Japan’s roughest, strongest, and scary women in a steel cage, and you get this. In 1990, the main event at Wrestlemarinpiad II highlighted Nakano and Kong’s ferocity. They were biting each other. Kong was stabbed in the arm by Nakano. Their comrades scaled the cage wall, attempting to get in or throwing weapons in. The main notes in their brutal symphony were blood, chains, and backfists.

5. Bambi and Mayumi Ozaki vs. Arisa Nakajima and Chikayo Nagashima

Some fans may be reminded of the ferocity of Greg Valentine and Roddy Piper’s classic dog collar fight when they see Mayumi Ozaki and Takako Inoue square off. During the 1996 battle, both ladies put their endurance and pain tolerance to the test. Inoue slammed on Ozaki with a chain wrapped around her fist.

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They clashed at the barrier, leaving chairs shattered in their wake. Some of the more gruesome aspects of this bout include stabbing, blood, belts, and power bombs. Even the referee was no match for Inoue, who kicked her to the ground. Ozaki humiliated her opponent so horribly that she had to be taken off the stage like The Undertaker after WrestleMania 27.


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