WWE Money in the Bank: The Main Event You Won’t Want to Miss

WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view event will be held on June 18, 2017, at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. This main event features top WWE superstars battling each other to win the Money in the Bank contract, which allows them to cash it in anytime they want against a chosen champion and claim that champion’s title match spot. From Seth Rollins cashing in his contract during WrestleMania 31 against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns (now part of The Shield) to one of my personal favorites, Edge cashing in against Mr.

What do know about WWE Ladder matches?

Ladder matches typically use ladders, metal poles, and tables as weapons. A match that ends with a wrestler climbing a ladder and retrieving a prize (which can range from money or another item) is called a money in the-sky match. It’s clear that there will be many exciting events throughout WWE Money in the Bank, but one we’re most excited for is of course, The Main Event!

What does Money in the Bank means?

Every year, the WWE will host the world’s most over-the-top and wildly unpredictable event – WWE Money in the Bank. This show will feature six high profile matches, each with a chance at championship glory. For the first time in history, Money in the Bank will also include two singles matches with no championships on the line! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

How Ladders are used to Grab Briefcase?

Two ladders are lowered at either side of the ring. All six competitors then enter through one of two sets of ropes on opposite sides, battling for a chance to make it onto the elevated rungs. Once everyone is standing on them, only then will they be allowed to grab their briefcase. Competitors must then ascend their ladder and touch an elevated hanging briefcase suspended above their head without coming into contact with any other competitor’s ladder before descending back down with their case intact. Here is how a WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match works in four easy steps

As a fan what you most loved in Money in the Bank Matches?

The Money in the Bank Matches is a main event wrestling spectacle that provides some of the most thrilling moments of any pay-per-view. I loved last year’s match when Kevin Owens used a ladder to help himself win, only to be quickly (and hilariously) beaten up by Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn. One of my other favorite moments was when Roman Reigns defended his briefcase against Sheamus with an electric chair looking like he had things well under control until Sheamus just pulled out his Irish Curse and won clean. Let’s not forget Neville taking on 4 participants at once, before finally throwing them all out one by one with some crazy acrobatics! All this is happening on top of elevated ladders or huge tables!

How much Entertainment is to watching these ladder matches?

The WWE Money in the Bank is one of, if not THE best event that you’ll see. There is an incredible amount of anticipation and excitement every year leading up to it and once it happens, you’re guaranteed to be completely satisfied. It’s basically guaranteed that this show will provide you with a roller coaster of emotions because there will always be surprises galore. It’s well-known for being unpredictable and that’s what makes it so amazing. Everything can happen!

WWE wrestlers hurts themselves in these ladder matches

In a WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match, it’s not only about knocking off your opponent, but doing so without ending up on your back for three seconds. They’ll come at you from every angle and position imaginable, including from above as they descend from atop a ladder (or Money in the Bank) that they’ve climbed. You’ll find yourself tussling with someone while sitting on top of them on a chair, you’ll be kicked off the top of the ladder by an opponent then have to right yourself, or you’ll have to leap over all of your opponents who are stacked at various heights. 

It’s no exaggeration to say that there is an injury risk involved with these matches. It’s why each has its own signature risks associated with it.

Chance of Winning or Losing the Title in the main event of WWE

Since last year, every match on a PPV had been for the main event Money in the Bank contract (M.I.B. contract) because it is a contract that gives you an opportunity to get fired up with a chance at winning or losing your coveted title belt. Many WWE competitors have gained momentum this past year by pinning their opponents to win MIB contracts and going on to eventually obtain their respective championship belts. One such competitor is Neville who after gaining three wins within six months, went on to dominate as WWE Cruiserweight Champion by vanquishing all challengers before him— until he suffered a heartbreaking loss of his championship title against Jinder Mahal at Money in the Bank 2017!

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