WWE: 5 Most Painful Wrestling Moves in History

Whatever wrestler you’re talking about WWE, the ability to inflict pain is what distinguishes good from great. After all, that is how matches are won. Special moves are preferred by those truly exceptional wrestlers. They are simple to use and deal a lot of damage to their opponents. It may not be their finishing move or one for which they are well-known, but it is a move that can help a wrestler win. You could even argue that without it, winning would be more difficult.

These aren’t the most flashy moves. They aren’t always the moves you assign to your superhero when you play a video game. They do, however, get the job done. Some of them even make you wish you didn’t want to be a professional wrestler in secret. These are the top 50 most lethal moves in wrestling. I’m sure there are others who aren’t present. There is no ranking system because let’s be honest, that list would be impossible to compile. To say that one move is more painful than another is to bark up the wrong tree.

 1. Codebreaker

We’ll start with Chris Jericho’s first of two moves on this list, the Codebreaker because we saw him eating a spear (which isn’t on this list; I’m looking forward to the hateful comments). After his most recent WWE appearance, Jericho incorporated this move into his regular repertoire. The move can appear out of nowhere, and Jericho only needs to jump and place his knees on his head. His weight then aids in bringing your head into contact with his knees on the ground. Jericho doesn’t get away without suffering some consequences. His knees can’t be feeling great after that, and he lands on his back from the move. Let’s hope Jericho uses this one on Dancing With the Stars.


2. Tombstone

The Undertaker appears several times on this list. His first move is the Tombstone piledriver, which helped to establish his legend. A piledriver, regardless of style, is extremely lethal and damaging. This is why many variations of the piledriver are no longer seen in professional wrestling. The chances of kicking out after the Deadman has plunged your head into the canvas are slim. The Undertaker also folds his opponent’s arms across their chest for the pin, as if they were lying in a casket. It is one of the best taunting pinfalls and frightens almost everyone who sees it.

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3. Figure-Four Leglock

This is possibly the most painful submission move. Ric Flair popularised it, but many other superstars have used it over the years. It can cause severe pain in anyone’s legs. It can even cause pain to the person applying the hold. Any wrestler who is subjected to the move can counter it by doing one simple thing: turning over. In this image, for example, if Kurt Angle rolls to his belly, the pressure is applied to Flair’s legs rather than his own. This move puts both men’s legs in jeopardy. This move is solely based on the pressure that enters the scenario when physics is introduced.

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4. Pedigree

With his move, the Pedigree, Triple H has dominated WWE over the years. There’s nothing about it that isn’t harmful. The Game sets it up by kicking you in the groyne and putting your head between his legs. Triple H leaps into the air and onto the ground after grabbing your arms like handlebars on a bicycle. Hunter’s knees may sustain some damage, but it’s nothing compared to landing on your head and knees without your hands to help brace you. It’s game over.

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5. F-5

The F-5, also known as The Cyclone, was the move that Brock Lesnar used to destroy WWE during his brief tenure there. This move affected a who’s who of the time. It’s everything John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment is, plus a lot more. Lesnar would hold his opponents in the same way he holds The Rock in this photo. He’d then turn his shoulders to the right and fling his opponent to the left. The F-5 is the knuckleball of professional wrestling, in my opinion. There are no two F-5s that look the same. Some opponents are more distant than others. Some people land more awkwardly than others. It is a highly unpredictable move in the History of WWE.

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