WWE: 5 Coolest Maneuvers of all time

Since the early 1900s, when Frank Gotch began suplexing guys, pro wrestlers have been giving out spectacular maneuvers. Since then, the game has developed like the X-Men (ever take a break from wrestling and come back to see men performing things you never thought possible? ), but the most amazing moves have lasted the test of time. Nowadays, every Superstar has amazing moves.

Chris Jericho, for example, has 1,004 of them. But which are the most interesting? We ranked the 50 holds, strikes, and dives that would have had Mr. McMahon exclaim, “What a move!” if he was still in the booth.  Total ferocity, pure mayhem, and pure Warrior.

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When Ultimate Warrior’s soundtrack came up, all hell would break out. Nothing, however, showcased the tremendous strength and ferocity of such a wild Superstar like his Gorilla Press Slam.  Warrior’s famous military press would appear out of nowhere, lifting his opponents far over his head with his barbarian grab before sending them flying back down to earth. There was nothing left to do but pick the bones after that.

JBL’s Clothesline from Hell

WWE 5 coolest maneuvers of all time

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Some wrestling maneuvers are precise grips that are meant to stretch opponents’ limbs beyond their breaking thresholds. Others are talking of beating a guy so hard that his head could pop off. Clothesline from Hell, by JBL, certainly fits under the latter group. The huge Texan was inspired by fellow Lone Star State native Stan Hansen, who relished wildly flinging his massive arms at opponents like major league sluggers swinging for the fences.

JBL nearly always connected, sending the poor sap over the ring into the following week. After being clobbered by The Wrestling God’s famous clothesline, Hell surely sounded like a vacation.

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Roman Reigns Superman Punch

A close-fisted punch in a WWE bout generally results in a warning from the referee, which is virtually always ignored. When Roman Reigns delivers his amazing Superman Punch, the rulebook is thrown out the window. A leaping, cross-body right hand-delivered with deadly force, the hit is heightened by the immense torque created by The Shield member’s 250-pound physique. John Cena, Sheamus, and Big E have all been knocked out by a hit with the power of George Foreman in his prime.

What makes this maneuvers all the more terrifying? Even if an opponent manages to evade the hit, they must contend with a Roman Reigns spear capable of rearranging the organs of any Superstar today.

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The Undertaker’s Old School

It wasn’t always called Old School. It was just a weird, unnamed technique when The Undertaker initially started marching up the top rope with his victim’s twisted arm trapped in his hand. Was it useful? Most likely not. Every time, the Phenom placed himself in danger of being crotched or tossed to the outside of the ring. Nonetheless, once The Deadman began his trip, opponents were rarely able to stop him.

They must have been as terrified as Father Karras in “The Exorcist” when the small girl’s head started spinning as they stared up at a 7-foot zombie that was apparently walking on air. Later in his career, the Undertaker preferred more painful maneuvers, like Last Ride, Chokeslam, and Hell’s Gate, although none were used.

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Booker T’s Harlem Hangover

You’d have to be a jerk not to like Booker T’s Harlem Hangover. As if a 260-pound Superstar performing a top rope move wasn’t enough, the WWE Hall of Famer added even more power with a mid-air flip, smashing onto his unfortunate opponent’s dome with a face-rearranging leg drop. Despite his arsenal’s other renowned moves, like as his ring-shaking Book End and the WWE fan-favorite scissors kick, Booker’s Harlem Hangover remains the most spectacular and lethal of them. Do you like it?

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Chris Jericho’s Lionsault

Chris Jericho dubbed himself “The Man of 1004 Holds” at one point. Of course, he was making fun of Dean Malenko’s title “Man of 1000 Holds,” but Y2J unquestionably pioneered many of the best and most inventive feats in history. Both The Walls of Jericho and Codebreaker are fantastic (and almost didn’t make the list) and demonstrate his technical ability and ring knowledge. But it’s Jericho’s Lionsault that shows the veteran’s exceptional mat prowess in terms of speed, precision, and agility. The fact that Y2J makes a risky maneuvers — both to perform and to be on the wrong side — appear effortless adds to its allure.

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