Will Dhoni play for and captain CSK in the IPL in 2023?

Stay cool if this is what has you worried. Captain Cool will undoubtedly take part in IPL 2023. The IPL 2023 will include MS Dhoni, which is good news for all CSK supporters. You’ll undoubtedly see him wearing a yellow jersey next year. Both M.S. Dhoni and the fans cherish their relationship. So, it would be really upsetting to Miss MS Dhoni’s participation in the IPL in 2023. 

When asked if fans will see him donning the yellow jersey next season, MS Dhoni did not break our hearts, and for that, we are thankful. 

In the CSK vs. RR games coin toss. As a sportsperson, I feel deeply for Mumbai, but it wouldn’t be polite to the CSK supporters, remarked Dhoni. To show our appreciation to all the many sites where we will be playing games, it would be ideal if the teams had the opportunity to go next year, said Dhoni.

Whether or not this will this Dhoni’s last IPL?

Dhoni responded to the question admirably, stating that it is a complex one since we cannot predict what will occur in the next two years, but I will surely make every attempt to bounce back the next year.

The Chennai Super Kings already confirmed their exit from the IPL 2022 following a poor performance. As the club underperformed in the league, the franchise first offered the left-handed all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja the captaincy; but, in the midst of the season, Jadeja turned it back over to MS Dhoni. Dhoni will likely continue to lead the Chennai franchise in the IPL in 2023, and Jadeja will also play for the squad, claims a source.

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Dhoni was re-captained ahead of the match against SRH in Pune. You always see me in the CSK jersey. Dhoni Morrison, who took part in the draw, confirmed that it is still unknown if it will be this yellow jersey or in a new yellow jersey. In response to a question, he said, “Will Dhoni play IPL 2023?”

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Dhoni later added an explanation as to why Jadeja quit the captaincy. After the SRH game, Dhoni told Star Sports: “And managing your own game is part of that. Under Dhoni’s leadership, CSK won the IPL four times and became the second most successful team in the IPL.

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