Why is Ronda Rousey so hated in the WWE?

It’s not so much that she’s despised in the WWE as she is despised in general because of her activities in the UFC years before.

As the Bantamweight Champion, Rousey Rousey moved from “unbeaten” to “unbeatable,” and both she and the UFC were all too ready to cash in on her accomplishment. As a result, she transitioned from fighter to celebrity, which got to her head so badly that after her loss to Holly Holm (HER FIRST LOSS), she fled away with her tail between her legs, needing plastic surgery and contemplating suicide.

It didn’t stop there; after a few months, she willed herself back into the Octagon, where she received a verbal taunting/lashing from her next opponent. According to reports, she was so moved by this that she began crying backstage.

When she enters the ring, she is slaughtered rather than vanquished. It took about a minute and a half. It’s as if those remarks went under her skin and made her less productive.

That was the end of it. Her UFC career was gone, and she felt compelled to join the professional wrestling scene for whatever reason.

Ronda Rousey Slammed Shut

Sasha Banks is your name. Charlotte Flair, for example. Or even the lesser-known Alexa Bliss and Dana Brook. You want to secure your position in the organization. Perhaps you can develop, establish a reputation for yourself, and perhaps win a belt or two. Keep your eyes on the prize.

And here comes Ronda Fucking Rousey. Who didn’t so much EARN a guaranteed contract as they were HANDED one by upper management eye unseen.

Ronda Rousey isn’t a professional wrestler. She grew up watching the WWF, but she isn’t a WRESTLER. She didn’t acquire any independent cred, didn’t make a name for herself in Smoky Mountain, and didn’t get called up after toiling hard in NXT. 

She’s a UFC washout who the public still adores for taking the focus away from you and every other female fighter on the roster. When this muscled Hollywood bimbo walks in with an entourage of high WWE brass worshipping her feet at every step, all that work and effort is gone.

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