Why doesn’t Carlos Vela go to the Mexican team?

After the unfortunate news that Jesús Manuel Corona was injured in training with Sevilla, to later undergo surgery for a fractured fibula and ligaments in his ankle, the ‘Tecatito’ will miss the Qatar 2022 World Cup because his time of recovery will be five to six months.

In this way, a new campaign has begun for Carlos Vela to return to the Mexican team at the request of a large sector of Mexican fans, despite the fact that the Los Angeles FC player has not represented Mexico since the last Russia 2018 World Cup and although he has not expressed it literally, he is practically considered retired from the national team.

The reasons why Carlos Vela goes to the Mexican team

Despite everything, and the fact that the player has declined to represent the Tricolor squad on several times, Aztec supporters continue to demand for him, since he is still one of the finest strikers in Mexico.

But for what reason Carlos Vela does not want to be called up to the Mexican team, as is well known, in the past the footballer had disagreements with the Mexican Football Federation due to the Monterrey scandal in September 2010 where he was suspended from activity with the national team for six months, from then on nothing was the same again, because he felt like a scapegoat for Femexfut.

He lost interest in representing Mexico for several years and even decided not to attend the 2014 World Cup in Brazil because he was not a part of the process, which is essentially the same reason he does not want to be a part of the next World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

Carlos Vela has expressed his refusal to return to the Tri

In a recent CNN interview, the LAFC striker was asked if joining the Mexican team now that the country has already qualified for the 2022 Qatar World Cup would be “unforgivable.” This is due to the fact that there were players that were there throughout the process and deserve to be in the World Cup.

“No, it is definitive, and less so at this moment. You arrive at the World Cup and there are people who suffered the process, who were in the Qualifiers earning a place to be in Qatar. It would be, from my point of view, unforgivable, to get in now and say ‘Now, since it’s already the World Cup, I’m going’

“I suppose if I didn’t go from the start, I wouldn’t be in this process, and I wouldn’t be on the (Mexican) National Team anymore, so there’s nothing else to look for,” he explained.

Not only that, but Vela has stated that he does not want to return to the Tricolor since the former Real Sociedad star has opted to move aside to allow new Mexicans a chance and that there is a generational shift.

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