The story behind Pep Guardiola’s ‘Open Arms’ hoodie

Doesn’t Pep Guardiola look good in a hoodie these days? Normally dressed smartly in a shirt and tie or trendy jacket, the City leader has ditched his formal clothes on occasion this season, opting for a grey sweatshirt with a particular motto that has caused some consternation. The shirt, shoes, and sweatshirt ensemble raised some eyebrows…but the Catalan businessman was merely doing his part for charity.

Guardiola’s hoodie and sheux bringing a strong “senior management on corporate away day” energy to the carpet

The sweatshirt, which he’s worn multiple times this campaign, represents Open Arms. They are a non-profit organization established in Pep’s home Catalonia that assists migrants attempting to enter Europe by sea. Guardiola has already advocated for this cause. When it made its public premiere in City’s Boxing Day triumph against Newcastle earlier this season, Oscar Kamps, the owner of Open Arms, revealed that the City manager had contributed €150,000 to the cause back in 2018. 

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When asked about the impact of Guardiola’s generosity, Kamps stated (as reported by Showsport): “Guardiola approached us in 2018 and handed us 150,000 euros out of his own money. The aid of other athletes who wished to help us achieve our aim of putting the ship back on course.” If you’re feeling generous and want to purchase your own version of Guardiola’s latest fashion statement, it’s available on the Open Arms website.

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You may also purchase T-shirts, face masks, tote bags, mugs, water bottles, and badges…or simply give if you feel so inclined. When Guardiola wore it against Arsenal earlier this month, the hoodie seemed to bring him good luck. He saw his team win their 18th game in a row due to Raheem Sterling’s stunning header early in the first half. Guardiola embraced the win…with wide arms after a hard-fought 90 minutes.

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