The Rock’s Most electrifying People’s Elbows

When considering the greatest wrestlers in WWE history, The Rock is constantly mentioned. During his WWE stint during the Attitude Era, fans fell in love with Rock’s work. Rock was best known for his ability to cut promos, but it was far from his sole strength as a performer. Rock’s matches were also memorable, including classics versus Triple H, Chris Jericho, and Steve Austin.

We’ll look at some of Rock’s top in-ring manoeuvres during his wrestling career. Every wrestler has their own distinctive moves that set them apart in the ring. Rock’s offensive was distinct, combining massive power moves with flamboyant techniques that showcased his flair. Every step he made contributed to his eventual triumph as a legend. Discover which of The Rock’s 10 most deadly techniques propelled him to the top.

Before The Rock acquired the Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow as his two finishers, Rocky Maivia utilized a different move to finish out his opponents; the Shoulder Breaker. A shoulder-breaker involves the user lifting their opponent on the shoulder just to lower their opponent’s shoulder onto their knee. The move would never have fit The Rock’s moveset later in his career, and he would forsake it in his ascension to the main event.

Shoulder Breaker

Patrick Mocella made the following changes on January 15th, 2022: The Rock, as most fans are aware, is one of the most compelling wrestlers in history. Although his ring performances are less well-known, The Great One lived up to his moniker.

He not only understood how to manage a crowd like no other, but he also had a diverse set of moves befitting a main event superstar. Rock’s moveset reduced over time as he honed his skills on WWE television, however, he reintroduced some of his previous manoeuvres during matches with John Cena and CM Punk in the 2010s. Here are some of The Rock’s most spectacular manoeuvres.

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Jumping Clothesline

The Rock has a few more manoeuvres that helped him win matches. Fans would cheer when he made a comeback after his opponent had normally dominated the tempo. To build more momentum, Rock would start executing a couple leaping clotheslines. This was not necessarily a winning strategy for Rock because he would not even try for pins after the execution. However, it was critical to develop a supplementary move set for transitions during the game.

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The Neckbreaker was another transition move used by The Rock throughout his bouts. Rock would do a couple variants on the conventional routine, including a swinging version, for greater impact and a larger applause from the audience. Rock did not employ the Neckbreaker in every bout, but he did use it frequently enough to make it a part of his rotation. In another universe, Rock could have used the Neckbreaker as a finishing if he had chosen to.

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Punch Combo

When The Rock began firing a barrage of punches in the ring, it became one of his most striking signature moves. Rock would take control with each punch he threw before lifting his hand in the air, spitting on it, and throwing one more blow for good measure.

This gesture usually drew a standing ovation from the audience whenever he performed the lead part. Rock employed a combination of credible right hands based on his power, as well as the humorous impact of spitting on his hand as though it added to the action.


Belly to Belly Suplex

The Rock’s Belly to Belly Suplex was a forgotten manoeuvre. When it comes to suplex masters, fans think of wrestlers like Kurt Angle, Tazz, and Scott Steiner. Rock did an excellent job of incorporating this variation of the manoeuvre into his repertoire.

Rock would employ an overhead variation of the technique as a counter when wrestlers ran towards him. Rock would catch them and fling them above his head for the fearsome suplex. They were especially entertaining in bouts against Angle, as both men used their own variations of the manoeuvre.

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Snap DDT

In the wrestling world, the DDT has long been a popular manoeuvre. Jake Roberts made it famous, but The Rock also utilised it in his repertoire of techniques. Rock used a snap variation of the DDT, which saw the move performed faster and with a greater force.

Fans usually relished seeing the DDT when Rock played a face because it meant he was nearing the end of his favourite closing techniques. However, during his heel run, he employed the move more aggressively, frequently trying for covers after performing the Snap DDT.

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Wrestlers like as Arn Anderson, Triple H, and Bobby Roode would all become famed for flawlessly performing the spinebuster manoeuvre. The Rock’s was not as severe as the others, but it was crucial to his career. Rock would hit a sick Spinebuster just before the People’s Elbow to knock the opponent to the ground. Wrestlers would seldom block the elbow because to the Spinebuster’s impact. During his main event run, Rock would make it a signature of his offensive.

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When The Rock sought a tap-out the victory, he began employing the Sharpshooter as a submission finishing. It became a secondary finisher for him, emulating former WWE superstar pals Bret and Owen Hart, who popularised the manoeuvre.

Rock won a number of matches by submitting opponents, prompting them to tap out. The technique has always been popular in WWE, and fans rejoiced when Rock made it a regular feature of his performances. Nobody anticipated Rock to utilize the Sharpshooter when he first started, but it worked in his favor.

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People’s Elbow

Despite being one of the least likely finishes in wrestling history, fans fell in love with the People’s Elbow. A typical elbow drop working as a finishing would have made most wrestlers and viewers giggle. The Rock, on the other hand, was able to sell a simple technique in a way that even the most seasoned wrestlers could only dream of.

After landing the Spinebuster, Rock’s charisma made the move larger than life. During the slow set-up, he would face the hard camera as everyone applauded before throwing his elbow pad into the crowd and rushing the ropes to hit the elbow. The People’s Elbow helped Rock win many memorable matches.

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Rock Bottom

When The Rock became a main eventer, he became recognized as The Rock’s first real finisher. Fans had seen the move before, but Rock was the first to use it as a finisher, which was especially impressive coming from a wrestler at the top of the show.

The manoeuvre was versatile enough to be countered and reversed, as Rock and Steve Austin did in their great battles. During his career, The Rock won the majority of his matches by landing a Rock Bottom. For a brief period, people thought he was the coolest finisher in the industry because of the way he made the technique his own.

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