The Five Bloodiest Mauling’s In MMA History

These battles are not for the weak-hearted. These bouts are unsuitable for you if the sight of blood bothers you. 

Please observe the five most gruesome, terrifyingly nightmare-inducing, cruel beatings you will ever see in your whole life for the benefit of the rest of you. Unless you’re fortunate, that is.

#1 Don Frye vs Takayama

In this bout, Don Frye undertakes cosmetic surgery. Free rearranging of Takayama’s features! Who can name pizza? Takayama really showed tenacity by receiving the thrashing of a lifetime. The good old days.

#2 Edwin Dewees vs Gideon Ray

The majority of people will find it nauseating to witness this battle. Please enjoy seeing the following repulsive exhibition for the remainder of you (hopefully all in prison). This fight’s inexplicable continuation will always be a mystery to me. Gideon is literally being soaked in blood as this man bleeds like a fountain. The way he reacts is priceless.

#3 Fedor Emelianenko vs Heath Herring

It’s no secret that Heath is a difficult person. In this battle, Fedor gives him the thrashing of his life. Causing his visage to resemble a Meatball Sub rather than a person. You haven’t seen anything yet if you thought Brock Lesnar beat Herring. Check out the beating that follows.

#4 Aaron Burke vs Logan Boucher

Aaron Burke: Who is he? Logan Boucher: Who is he? Who gives a fig? Look, a lot of blood might have been given to a neighbouring blood bank if someone had thought to bring a bucket to the fight. Who cares who they are, this is one of the deadliest fights ever captured on camera. That is amusement

#5 Gene Lydick vs Anthony Macias

The issue is discussed once again. These men, who are they? The solution is provided again again. Who gives a fig? Why concern yourself with matters like authenticity. Why even bother with pretence? Have at it because this one is all about the blood!

There you have it, then. They may not be the bloodiest, sadistically most frightening battles you have ever seen. Then what? Even the most ardent fans must be unfamiliar with at least one of these battles. In any case, you discovered something new.

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