The 5 Most Vicious Finishers in WWE Today & 5 That Just Look Weak

Every superstar in a wrestling bout needs a powerful finisher to put their opponents away. The Sharpshooter, Tombstone, and Stunner are just a few examples. It’s an important aspect of putting up a game. Wrestlers must have nice entrances to get the crowd up and a solid ending move that looks genuine and gets the crowd back up. Fans remember great bouts and wrestlers, and their finishes are an important part of what makes any wrestler famous.

However, a finisher can also appear stupid, ineffective, or simply weak. It’s not only the underdogs; some of the best males and gals have finishes that look like a fly would kick out.

10. Vicious – Curb Stomp

A solid finishing move is one that can be performed on any opponent. Curb Stomp by Seth Rollins isn’t any simpler to pull off on an opponent. Aside from looking amazing, if we’re intended to suspend reality a little when we watch wrestling, it’s simple to appreciate how much getting your face pounded into the mat may hurt.

It’s also why the maneuver was temporarily forbidden (apparently, Vince didn’t want to hear about some youngster attempting it on their pal). It not only looks amazing, but you can counter it in pretty cool ways (RKO out of nowhere!).

9. Weak – The Rear View

Many folks would welcome being smacked with Naomi’s finisher, The Rear View. All kidding aside, it’s a silly-looking move, and the fact that it’s rarely challenged is even more absurd.

Naomi throws her opponent into the ropes, twists around, and leaps into the air, allowing her opponents to smack into her derrière. In terms of realism, any opponent should be able to snag her out of the air and crush her to the ground as a terrible counter.

8. Vicious – Helluva Kick

Critique You may be the Critic Of The Critics all you want, but a huge running kick to the face in the turnbuckle is devastating regardless of who delivers it.

Sami Zayn had a good fan base on the Indies, and now that he’s in NXT and on the main roster, he’s demonstrating what he can do as a smarmy villain chasing Kevin Owens around. The Helluva Kick is a suitable term for either a heel or a babyface.

7. Weak – The Women’s Right / The Lightning Fist

Perhaps a closed fist might be utilized as an acceptable finisher in another era when wrestling regulations were more strictly obeyed and superstars didn’t often hit their opponents. But that’s not the case right now. A blow to the face, unless you’re The Big Show, should not be considered a finisher.

Nonetheless, Lacey Evans and John Cena both employ one as their huge brutal finisher. Cena even “charges” his Lightning Fist for more impact. If you’ve ever been decked in the face, the maneuver makes sense. However, in wrestling, if a punch does not deal considerable damage to an opponent, the maneuver should not be utilized to terminate a fight.

6. Vicious – RKO

The RKO has not only been one of the most destructive moves of the last decade, but it has also been one of the most exciting movements of the last thirty years! The Stunner and Diamond Cutter evolved from a variant of Johnny Ace’s Ace Crusher. The RKO was created by the Diamond Cutter.

Randy Orton has come up with a slew of creative tactics to ensure the move can be executed from “outta nowhere,” making it even more famous than its predecessors.

5. Weak – The Bayley To Belly

A belly-to-belly suplex is performed. It didn’t look well on Shane Douglas, and it doesn’t look good on Bayley. In terms of character development, the Bayley-To-Belly Suplex is ideal for Hug Nation’s leader.

However, it is not the most lethal suplex available. It’s also not the most effective maneuver in the current Smackdown Women’s champion’s repertoire. Why is she wasting her time with a hug suplex when she can do a reverse hurricanrana from the top?

4. Vicious – The InSane Elbow

Kairi Sane, the Pirate Princess, is one of the brightest stars on the main roster right now. The former NXT Women’s Champion is presently on Smackdown Live with Asuka as one half of the Kabuki Warriors. In terms of finishes, the InSane Elbow is precisely that – insane!

She doesn’t eat as far as the Macho Man or his impersonators would. But it is her large elbow that distinguishes her. She basically slams her entire 115-pound frame into her opponent. It’s a sensible and stunning finale for someone who delivers a variety of forearm smashes in her fights.

3. Weak – Skull-Crushing Finale

To finish his opponents, the Miz has to push his own face into the mat with whoever he’s battling; that’s a head-scratching ending, not a skull-crushing ending.

Now that the fans are behind him, let’s hope he comes up with a more crowd-pleasing finishing that’s also easier to execute to an opponent and appears considerably more damaging.

2. Vicious – The 630 Senton

Ricochet, the One and Only, is presently the US Champion. Some of his techniques in the ring are simply movements that no one else can accomplish. That is not exaggeration; it is a fact.

His final maneuver epitomizes the term “high risk.” A stunning 630-degree right flip utilizing his opponent as a crash pad. If he lands safely, the aerialist gets an easy “W.” If he fails, the current US Champion will not be the US Champion for long.

1. Weak – The Big Ending

Big E is one of the industry’s most powerful players today. Strength-wise, the guy could accomplish almost whatever he wanted. Instead of a finishing move, he opts for one of the weakest-looking techniques in the game today – The Big Ending.

Big E effortlessly hoists his opponent up as though about to throw a thunderous power slam. Instead, he lands on his own backside, leaving his opponent in the air. They might be startled by Big E’s landing on the mat, but not enough to eat the 1-2-3.

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