The 10 Best Dressed WWE Superstars of WrestleMania

28th WrestleMania has ended. The matches were amazing, full of wonderful moments and major surprises. The biggest week of the WWE’s whole year, the superstars and divas put on a show.

Superstars and Divas had the opportunity to dress up and wow the crowd at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony and the actual contests on wrestling’s biggest stage. Whether it was entrance apparel, in-ring gear, or a tux, there were some definite winners. Who was the best dressed? Here are the top 10 superstars and diva outfits from the WrestleMania 28 weekend! Enjoy!

Johnny Laurinaitis

Even though many of you may have thought Johnny’s WrestleMania outfit was a touch “silly” or even “wacky,” he made the list for that reason. Laurinaitis is notorious for being dull and terrible, yet he still tried it. He had a unique and flamboyant appearance. Unquestionably a look deserving of the top 10.

John Cena 

Even though I loved John Cena’s “Rise Above Hate” T-shirt, I preferred the green version on Sunday. In Miami, he boldly made a reference to the Boston Celtics, a team from his almost-hometown. For Cena, keeping things straightforward worked; too bad he became a touch too flamboyant in the ring.


The first of three diva candidates to appear on the best-dressed list is Natalya. Natalya wore her straightforward black dress to the WWE Hall of Fame event and looked great. The diva who once dominated the division looked lovely at the Hall of Fame ceremony, despite the fact that she is now only referenced in fart jokes.

Eve Torres

The best in-ring clothing for any diva at ‘Mania was Eve’s silver, exposing outfit, despite the fact that she didn’t vary it all that much.

Zack Ryder 

It hasn’t been a great few months for Zack Ryder. Though Santino had been replacing him and Kane had been dominating him, he had finally gotten it onto the WrestleMania card.

Perhaps things might become better for Long Island Iced Z! The heel-acious hoski Eve delivered a low hit to him just as he was ready to unleash the Broski Boot. However, if you can see past Eve’s leg, Ryder wore some quite hot trunks. In contrast to the QR code on his, well, right around where Eve kicked him, Ryder was sporting his distinctive “RyderMania” trunks.

Good Ol J.R.

The fact that J.R. appeared to announce the “End of an Era” bout between Triple H and the Undertaker was expected, but holy cow, did he look dapper with his fantastic suit and startling goatee! J.R. typically exudes class, but at WrestleMania he took things to the next level by calling one of the best battles in recent memory.

Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes not only assisted her sons Epico and Primo in keeping the Tag-Team titles before WrestleMania 28 went to television, but she also looked stunning during the WWE Hall of Fame event. Rosa was perhaps the best-dressed diva of the WrestleMania weekend thanks to her hot yellow attire.

Chris Jericho 

We have seen Y2J’s light-up coat a lot since his comeback, but it was AMAZING at WrestleMania. The show of shows itself was comparable in flash and spectacle to the total light overload. If both sleeves had lit up, Jericho would have had a strong case for No. 1!

The Rated-R Superstar, Edge

Edge had to be included on this list somehow. Edge gave a powerful acceptance speech and looked dapper in his tux as he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame (along with a classy haircut). He was among the inductees into the Hall of Fame who were dressed the best on Saturday.

The Undertaker

Despite what you may think, The Undertaker wore the greatest attire over the entire WrestleMania week. With his spiky, devilish cloak on Sunday, he appeared even cooler than usual. He set the tone for one of the best games in recent memory by dressing the part.

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