T20 World Cup: Watson runs eye over T20 World Cup semi-finals

Shane Watson is intrigued by the unpredictability that comes with the two ICC Men’s T20 World Cup semi-finals in Australia, with surprises at practically every turn thus far. Form guidelines have been thrown out the window, with nothing to separate the four surviving teams, from Namibia’s triumph over Sri Lanka on match day one to Pakistan’s amazing recovery in a late semi-final push.

On Wednesday, New Zealand will face Pakistan in Sydney, while India will face England at Adelaide Oval on Thursday. The victors will then face off on Sunday at the MCG, most likely in front of a sold-out crowd. Before going through the form of the four remaining teams, Watson praised the event’s caliber of cricket thus far, tipping his hat to the competition’s underdogs for their contributions to tournament entertainment.

Big Upsets before T20 World Cup semi-finals

Pakistan vs new zealand semis

The upsets – the lower-ranked nations defeating the major teams – that was unexpected,” Watson added. It means that everyone’s attention is focused on every game. You can’t expect it to be an easy game, so it’s been a really great T20 World Cup to be a part of.” The T20 World Cup has been a rollercoaster ride for Pakistan supporters. After losing final-ball heartbreakers to India and Zimbabwe, their side regrouped to overcome the Netherlands and South Africa before a stressful wait for other outcomes on Super 12’s final day.

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The Dutch offered Pakistan a lifeline by defeating South Africa, before Babar Azam’s men took advantage of an improbable opportunity to advance, defeating Bangladesh. Pakistan has nearly nothing to lose in the eyes of the renowned Australian all-rounder, who has urged the squad to express themselves in their late tournament drive. There are occasions in all competitions when a team simply falls across the line, somehow finds their way into the finals, and then goes on to win it, Watson remarked.

 India t20

The freedom they’ll have since they weren’t expecting much in the midst of the competition, the freedom they’ll have will be very hazardous for the Kiwis. New Zealand, which eclipsed Australia in the first Super 12 match of the season, stands in the way of Pakistan’s championship defense. Watson’s key Kiwi is opener Finn Allen, who startled Australia with an up-front assault at the SCG. Finn Allen has been a standout for them.

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T20 World Cup semi-finals Prediction

new zealand

“Watson made a remark. What he’s done in the Power play, taking on the finest bowlers in the world, has given New Zealand an advantage in being able to play as well as they have. They have world-class players on their side, but Finn Allen has been the X-factor that has really benefited them. It’ll be intriguing to watch how he does against the top Pakistani quicks in Sydney.”

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Over in Adelaide, an India team with depth nurtured by a competitive local environment may just push England for the favorite’s designation. Having met many of the current crops on the IPL circuit, Watson believes that identifying the proper 11 players to put on the team sheet is India’s toughest difficulty.

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You can watch the depth expanding and growing, and eventually. India might play another squad of world-class players who are now at home. They’ve got so much talent simply waiting to be able to come in and put their hand up “He stated. That’s worrying for other countries, knowing that they’ve got another team sitting at home, at least another team sitting at home who could shake up this World Cup as well.

England in semi fiinal

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The most recent outcome between the sides, though, is in England’s favor, with Jos Butler’s men defending 215 at Trent Bridge back in July. Watson believes that the English are a difficult opponent in semi-final cricket and that India may have preferred to face a different opponent.

India would have chosen to face someone else in this semi-final in Adelaide because they are aware that England has a world-class squad and a solid record against them, Watson continued. There’s no doubt that they’ll be two excellent cricket games.

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