T20 World Cup: Virat Kohli Breaks T20 World Cup Record at Happy Adelaide Hunting Ground

King is back, Virat Kohli Breaks T20 World Cup Record Virat Kohli, a maestro of the contemporary game, has eclipsed ICC Hall of Famer Mahela Jayawardena to become the most prolific run-scorer in ICC Men’s T20 World Cup history. Tucking Taskin Ahmed for a single off his hip, Kohli surpassed Jayawardena’s 1016 in 23 innings, eight innings faster than the Sri Lankan, finishing with 64* off 44 deliveries.

Kohli’s undefeated half-century raises his T20 World Cup average to 88.75, with a strike rate of 132. His innings at Adelaide Oval complemented the work of KL Rahul, who found form with a score of 50 off 32 deliveries.

Virat Kohli Breaks T20 World Cup Record

Virat Kohli Breaks T20 World Cup Record at Happy Adelaide Hunting Ground

Despite a sluggish start to the year, the 33-year-old found his stride in the Asia Cup and bilateral series against Australia and South Africa leading up to the event and hit the ground running in the much-anticipated meeting with Pakistan at the MCG in front of over 90,000 fans to kick off his tournament.

Virat Kohli

Kohli’s runs against the Netherlands brought him closer to a thousand, and despite a wobble against South Africa, he joined Jayawardena as the only man with a four-figure score. Kohli is a shining example of the modern-day athlete, and his record compares well not just to those in the game, but also to those in other sports.

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Meticulous in his preparation, laser-sharp in his focus, and maybe still at the pinnacle of his fitness, his outcomes in a game are difficult to grasp, especially in a game noted for its volatility. Fitness is perhaps more essential to me than cricket practice.” “I honestly believe that having a fit physique makes you think better,” Kohli stated before of this year’s tournament.

Virat Kohli Breaks T20 World Cup Record

As a result, it might benefit individuals in their jobs, sports, and other endeavors. When you’re healthy, you just want to start your day off well and look forward to accomplishing a lot more on a daily basis rather than dragging yourself through it.”

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At one point averaging over fifty in all three forms – he presently averages 49.53 in Test cricket to deny him for the time being – it is his attitude and clinical calculation that truly distinguishes him. In a recent edition of The ICC Review, Ian Smith praised Kohli after his miracle chase against Pakistan.

He’s a genius in the way he plays and in the way he’s figured out the game. And he’s a genius because he knows precisely what to do when to do it, and when to press the start button “Smith, the great Kiwi, stated. When he was done, we got footage of him crouching down and pounding the pitch surface, punching it to release himself of the pressure.”


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