Former Captain’s Salman Butt Warning To Pakistan about Star Pacer Shaheen Shah Afridi

Former captain of Pakistan Salman Butt believes that if top bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi is not 100 percent healthy for the forthcoming T20 World Cup in Australia, he shouldn’t participate. Shaheen Shah Afridi, who is out of commission with a knee injury, is presently receiving treatment in London.

Is Shaheen Shah Afridi fit for WC T20 2022?

It is unknown if Shaheen Afridi will compete in the major competition in Australia. The World Cups will come and go, but Butt said that Shaheen Shah Afridi must be protected in order to maintain his career. Shaheen Shah Afridi is not a single player in the World Cup.

If he maintains healthy, he can play the next five. World Cups will occur and then end. This ailment might endanger his career if he is rushed. There will be an ODI World Cup in 2017 and two more in the following ten years.

Therefore, you must maintain him if you want to extend his career. If he hadn’t fallen ill, he would have participated in every match, and Naseem would not have made his debut.

About Star Pacer

Aaqib Javed, a former Pakistani bowler, had also counseled Shaheen Afridi not to take part in the forthcoming tournament since it would only make the injury worse before Butt made his remarks. Shaheen Shah Afridi is one of the few fast bowlers in the world nowadays.

Shaheen Shah Should not compete in the forthcoming T20 World Cup because Shaheen Afridi is more significant than this World Cup, in my opinion, “According to Cricket Pakistan, Javed said.

Shaheen Shah Afridi is scheduled to arrive in Australia on October 15 in time for Pakistan’s debut match against India on October 23.

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