Sarfaraz Khan Indian youngest Middle order Batter

The youngest cricketer in Ranji Trophy played from the Mumbai side, Sarfraz khan when he was just 17. He also played on the India U19 team that participated in the 2014 World Cup. His array of punches and aggressive punches are well known in local circles. He averaged 211 runs in the U19 World Cup with a 70.33 average and a 105 batting average.

Start of a Career for Sarfraz khan

Sarfaraz first came to attention in 2009 when he scored an amazing 439 in his first match against Harris in his Shield at just 12 years old. Interestingly, he is no stranger to controversy. Sarfaraz was suspended by the Mumbai Cricket Association for misrepresenting his age before finally accepting the results of the Advanced Test. Soon after, he was released from the MCA’s indoor academy camp for disciplinary reasons. It took a while for the young lad to break the mold, but once he did, he earned a prominent place in the Mumbai U19 side.

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I became part of the team. But Sarfaraz’s life is still tough and his father Naushad, who is also his trainer, is a strict disciplinarian. Naushad Khan was also a well-known cricketer in Mumbai at the time and was responsible for spotting talents like Iqbal Abdullah and Kamran Khan.

His commitment to cricket kept the boy out of school for his four years, so his father hired him and his brother Musheer to teach him and his brother Musheer math and English. . What is even more special is that in 2014 he broke the record for the youngest club debut for him in Mumbai when he made his debut for Giles in his Shield U-14 tournament at the age of 6 years and 9 months.

IPL Career of Sarfraz khan

Sarfaraz was then selected to represent India at the 2014 U19 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. After recording his 211 carries at an average of 70.33 in 6 games, Sarfaraz was ready for a transformation to the next level. In 2015 Royal Challengers Bangalore bought him for his INR of Rs 50 lakh and he soon became the youngest player to play in the IPL.

A year later, Sarfaraz won the U19 World Cup in Bangladesh, where he scored 355 runs in six matches, the second-best run of the season. He finished as a scorer, often saving India from a poor start. Sarfaraz said he left Mumbai in 2015/16 for his season Uttar he moved to Pradesh.

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Despite making a cameo appearance in 2016, he was ruled out of the XI due to lack of fitness. The following year he missed the IPL after suffering a foot injury. In a surprise move, RCB’s decision to keep him ahead of Chris Gayle and KL Rahul in 2018 raised many eyebrows. Sarfaraz’s performances have fallen well below average, forcing RCB management to fire him ahead of his 2019 season. The pocket-sized dynamo hooked Kings XI Punjab to improve the lower middle class.

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