14 Interesting Facts about Qatar from the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is just a few days away, sites are chosen, players are scheduled to arrive in Qatar, and a total of 32 nations have qualified for the event. Every four years, the FIFA World Cup is held, and there are a ton of fascinating facts to learn. You will learn about 14 incredible FIFA World Cup facts in this article, along with some lesser-known ones. See below for some fascinating information regarding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

A First Ever Arab World Cup

As soon as Qatar won the bidding procedure for hosting rights, the record books underwent revisions. The FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar, the first country with a majority of Muslims.

Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup for the second time in Asia

Football is well-known for being a game that Europe and South American nations predominately play. They have a sizable infrastructure to hold such large-scale competitions as FIFA typically wants. But this time, Asia will host the World Cup! This is not the first time an Asian nation has hosted the world cup. FIFA World Cup 2002 was jointly hosted by South Korea and Japan. The second Asian nation to hold this famous tournament will be Qatar.

The first-ever Winter World Cup will take place

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The beginning of 2022 caused a great deal of fan confusion. The FIFA World Cup has a designated time period between May and July, which is when the majority of previous FIFA World Cups were held. The FIFA World Cup will take place in November and December this time, though. Yet why? In the desert nation of Qatar, which regularly experiences a heat waves in June and July.

During this time, the temperature ranges from 40 to 50 degrees. So the world cup is moved to November and December to improve the playing environment. The cold weather makes it possible for players and fans to comfortably enjoy the world cup matches during these times.

The first host nation to never have participated in a World Cup

Observing the growing popularity of football in the nation, Qatar established the football association in 1960 and joined FIFA in 1963. Qatar has been attempting to enter the FIFA World Cup ever since. Even though Qatar made it all the way to the AFC qualifying round finals in 1990, they ultimately fell short. As a result, Qatar will be the first host nation that has never participated in the World Cup. Qatar qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2022 on an automatic basis because it was the host nation.

The smallest country to host the FIFA World Cup

Since Qatar was awarded the hosting rights, the records have been set. The FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar, which is the smallest country in terms of both population and area. Qatar is a tiny nation with an area of 11,000 km2. At the time of the 1930 FIFA World Cup, there were about 3.5 million people living in Uruguay. With a population of 2.6 million, Qatar will take Uruguay’s place in history.

The most costly World Cup

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The idea that Qatar will host the most expensive World Cup ever is one of the most talked-about aspects of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Football is a very popular sport in both Europe and America, as we just mentioned. They have the necessary facilities to hold such large-scale competitions.

Due to a lack of facilities and infrastructure, Qatar had to construct many things from scratch. It is projected that Qatar has spent more than $220 billion US on infrastructure, which includes stadiums, hotels, and roads. The $220 billion tournament’s design will be exciting to witness!

The Fewest Stadiums That Will Host FIFA World Cup Games

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar will break the previous record for using the fewest amount of stadiums. The eight venues in Qatar that will host the 64 FIFA World Cup games have been chosen. Seven of these eight stadiums were entirely new construction, and one was refurbished specifically for the world cup.

The smallest World Cup ever

The eight stadiums in Qatar are all located within 60 kilometers of one another, making this year’s World Cup the smallest ever. In less than 90 minutes, spectators can travel between venues. It will be the smallest World Cup ever as a result.

The shortest World Cup ever took place in 28 days

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When club football concludes and takes a vacation in June–July, the world cup has its own time period. Now that the FIFA World Cup is in November and December, both the world cup calendar and the club football schedule have to be slightly compressed to make room for the world cup. The 64 matches scheduled for the 28-day world cup will make it the shortest world cup in history.

Record Number of Visitors

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According to fifaworldcupmania.com, the 2022 world cup will draw an all-time high number of spectators by the time it is over. Over 1.5 million spectators from all over the world are anticipated to visit Qatar during the FIFA World Cup. Many nations may easily access Qatar due to its position. Furthermore, obtaining a Visa is simple compared to other processes. The topping on the cake is the inexpensive flights. Daily records are likely to be broken during the FIFA World Cup.

Central air conditioning in the stadiums of Qatar

The high daytime temperatures in Qatar during the World Cup were the topic of most conversation. To address this, Qatar has installed fully centralized air conditioning in all of its stadiums. This will provide players with excellent playing conditions as well as a fantastic viewing experience.

Expectations are that the World Cup will help close the cultural gap between Europe and the Middle East

Given that 13 European teams are competing in the world cup, Qatar is anticipated to be the primary destination for European supporters. The cultural divide between the Middle East and Europe is anticipated to be closed by the world cup. After the world cup is over, the effects should still be felt. Both FIFA and Qatar anticipate that the event will be successful.

Without Queen Elizabeth II, the first World Cup

This is true! The FIFA World Cup began in 1930, the same year that Queen Elizabeth II was born. The FIFA World Cup was closely associated with the queen because she frequently attended as a spectator. It will be the first World Cup without Queen Elizabeth II 2017 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

World Cup scandal ever? Maybe, Uncertain

As good deeds break records, the record books also document the bad deeds. According to reports, the 2018 world cup will be the most scandalous one ever. The matter is up for debate, from acquiring world cup rights to making it the most expensive world cup ever. The choice is up to you, dear readers!

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