PSL 8: Shaheen Shah Afridi breaks Haris’s bat and knocks him for a duck with a yorker

Shaheen Shah Afridi had run across Mohammad Haris on Saturday night, and he reported their conversation. He just said, “Let’s see what happens between us. Shukr hai Ihsanullah Bach gaya.” According to Haris, Paktv. The much-anticipated match lasted two balls.

Shaheen Shah Afridi‘s full-length delivery outside off gave Mohammad Haris a great start, but the ball broke the bat in two as he attempted to drive. Haris just had the handle of the bat left in his hands, the top portion was in his hands. When Shaheen Shah Afridi in swinging yorker beat the anticipated huge swing to smash into the stumps, a fresh piece of wood arrived, but it hardly even made any touch with the ball.

Shaheen Shah Afridi with the pace

A few days ago, Mohammad Haris, a batsman known for his extreme confidence, made a joke about the PSL’s up-and-coming bowler Ihsanullah, who has been hitting thunderbolts at 150 kph. Ihsanullah is bach gaya, jis tarah ki meri ball lag rahi thi. He should count himself quite fortunate that he survived given the manner I was hitting the ball, I said, “Vo to uski khushkismati hai.”

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At the conclusion of a game, Haris would remark with a grin. Haris’ Peshawar Zalmi was defeated by Multan Sultans thanks to Ihsanullah’s three wickets, although Haris (40 from 23 balls) could only face two pacer pitches. Before their match on Sunday, Haris would run into Shaheen Shah Afridi of the Lahore Qalandars on Saturday night.

When afterward questioned about what they had talked about, Haris said, “He was only stating Shukr hai Ihsanullah Bach gaya, let’s see what transpires between us tomorrow!” Haris spoke with Paktv.Tv.

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Haris revealed his intention to assassinate Shaheen Shah Afridi as well as other figures like Rashid Khan and Haris Rauf. “You go after all the famous people. When you do well against well-known opponents, people talk about you. It’s intended to be straightforward. You become renowned when you do well against well-known opponents. He had explained his reasons for being so sure the day he spoke about Ihsanullah.

“When playing for KPK during the One-Day matches, I kept track of his bowling, so I am aware of when and what he is going to bowl. Even though I was well-prepared to confront him, I was only able to handle two of his delivery. Haris has already been questioned about his favorite batsman.


Joe Buttler Following up, the interviewer said, “Do you want to be like him?” He sternly said, “I want to be myself. I think I’m the greatest, therefore I don’t want to be like anybody else. He uses the hashtag #BeTheBest in several of his tweets. “Fearlessness is a quality I appreciate and see as essential to who I am. I was taught this by my parents,” he would say.

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