How many police are deployed for PSL 8 security in Rawalpindi?

According to a spokeswoman for the Rawalpindi police, the police have finalized a detailed strategy to guarantee perfect security measures for the current eighth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) matches being played at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium. On Thursday, he told the government-run APP that more than 5,000 police officers had been sent to protect PSL and that 347 traffic wardens and officials had also been sent to control traffic in the circle.

The representative continued by saying that the relevant authorities had received instructions to make sure the cricket matches had the greatest security possible. According to him, the plans were made with the players’ and spectators’ comfort and safety in mind. To reduce traffic during the matches in Rawalpindi, a thorough traffic strategy was also developed.

PSL security in Rawalpindi

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He said that three control rooms had been set up to keep an eye on the arrangements. He said that the optimum security was being provided by using all available resources. The security for the massive cricket event was being handled by some 5,000 police officers, including senior officers and representatives of several police units, such as the SSP, SDPOs, SHOs, Dolphin Squad, Police Response Unit, and Elite Force.

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To guarantee the complete security of the event and a smooth flow of traffic, he added, security professionals were on duty throughout the matches, standing watch, patrolling, and managing traffic. According to him, the stadium had three levels of security, and only after a thorough check-in procedure was the public permitted in. The spokesman also said that the Police Reaction Unit, Elite, and Dolphin Squad squads will keep up their efficient patrols of certain parts of the city.

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Throughout these matches, snipers were stationed on rooftops to monitor every action. 14 PSL games, including five daytime games and nine nighttime games, will be played in Rawalpindi, according to the police. He said that a special shuttle service was being offered to fans traveling to the match location. According to him, the district government was offering a shuttle service for which specific plans had been made.

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He said that several areas had been set aside for parking and that there was motorbike parking set up close to the stadium. According to him, 160 cameras were set up both inside and outside the stadium to keep an eye on all the security measures. He said that a specific examination of the structures in the stadium’s vicinity had also been carried out.

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He went on to say that Regional Police Officer Rawalpindi Syed Khurram Ali was keeping an eye on all security preparations and that Punjab Inspector-General of Police Dr. Usman Awan had ordered that all available resources be used for flawless security during the current PSL matches in the city.

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