Pilgrims flock outside Doha to watch Brazilian Gods train

As you go from Bin Mansoura Metro Station to Grand Hamad Stadium, the landscape changes dramatically. The downtown Doha buildings recede into the horizon, while minarets pierce the clear skies. Except for the tire screech of expensive automobiles that blurs along the near-empty road, the bristle of the metropolis drowns in the oppressive silence of the neighborhood.

Only 20 kilometers from the Corniche, it appears to be a world away from the never-ending activity of World Cup-soaked Doha. The stadium’s undecorated exterior emerges from nowhere, previously Doha’s premier stadium and home to the Al-Arabi Sports Club, but now dormant in its glory days, untarnished by uber-modernity. However, the peace has been shattered during the previous week. Police officers in black coats and hats, carrying sleek automatics tucked into their waistbands, roam the area. The sound of sirens breaks the silence. On certain days, an army of yellow and green-clad men and women flock to the site, as if on a pilgrimage.

Some of the shops were perplexed at first when they learned that the location will be used as a World Cup training area for Brazil. The stadium and surrounding area were given a new identity: Brazil’s training facility, an address that would be tattooed forever.

Doha to watch Brazilian Gods train

For the supporters, it’s a decent 30-minute walk. However, this has not dampened their enthusiasm. “It’s far from where we’re staying, and we’re just permitted to observe the practice, but we’ll always be there,” Felipe, from Sao Paulo, adds. The presence of non-Brazilian supporters startled him and his companion Louise. “I had no idea we had so many Asian supporters.” It’s exhausting. There was a two-kilometer line from the subway to the stadium on the first day. “It nearly seemed like we were at home,” he continues.

When they train, a river of yellow fills the road with drums and whistles, cutouts, and banners. People are jumping and rushing behind the bus,” claims Luciano Fontes of the Zero Fora media site. The enclosure for the press to view the practice was also crowded, and everyone who saves the home press was given a designated time to watch the drill.

The stadium’s interiors are also Brazilian-inspired. “There were little flags everywhere, as well as images of previous World Cup winning teams, in addition to those of the legends, Pele, Socrates, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Romario.” There were memorable statements from them, as well as some from coach Tite. Essentially, they are motivating. “There are photos of all the players besides the locker,” he explains.

Tite’s words are pasted on the wall on a green backdrop with yellow lettering. Confidence Nao Se Pega E So Salta Quando Se Our (Loosely translated as With confidence, you can jump over any hurdle) and Aproveitem O Momento De Confianca are two examples (Enjoy the moment of trust). The Brazilian coach, it appears, has a barrage of phrases typical of a motivating movement. He is appropriately named Professor. “Do you want to be addressed as sir or professor?” he was asked. Tite responded with a wry smile, “Professor.” And laughed.

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He speaks clearly and frequently philosophically. He elaborated on what it means to win a World Cup, saying, “It’s a dream.” It’s a desire that inspires others and teaches them. Winning the World Cup is the realization of every Brazilian’s ambition.

There is also a relaxing area. Billiards and table tennis tables are similar to video game consoles. He claims that the latter is a favorite hangout for Neymar and Richarlison. When Brazil’s players enter the stadium, it transforms into a carnival island. As in, a match has begun.

Haji Mohammad, a club official, says the stadium hasn’t felt this vibrant in a long time. “We didn’t get a World Cup game.” “However, we will see the Brazil squad more than any other venue, he continues. The Grand Hamad Stadium has also regained part of its former splendor.

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