Olympic Featured Events: The vision of Paris 2024

In Paris 2024, a fresh take on the Olympic ideal will be put into practice in a special atmosphere of global celebration. As a memorable stage for the athletes and a genuinely worldwide platform to showcase them and their remarkable tales, we will provide one of the most inspirational cities in the world. And after a particularly difficult time, we will work with the entire Olympic family to show how sport has a special ability to improve the world.

95 percent of the venues in our plan are already in place or are temporary, and each one has a specific legacy that is in line with the city’s long-term development goals. The sports celebration will go along the Seine from the new Olympic Village, which is only 15 minutes from the heart of Paris, to sites like the Grand Palais and the Eiffel Tower. For hundreds of years, Paris has welcomed visitors from all over the world, including the Olympic Movement’s founders, to work, be inspired by one another, and create new ideas for the future.

Sustainability and legacy of Paris 2024

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Paris 2024 promises to organize the most environmentally friendly Games ever. Paris 2024 has created a one-of-a-kind sustainability and legacy strategy that is entirely linked with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is sponsored by WWF France, the Yunus Centre, and UNICEF France. Sport in the heart of society, a more inclusive society, and environmental excellence are its three pillars.

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Importantly, Paris 2024 will strive to be the first Games that are entirely connected with the Paris Climate Agreement, creating a beneficial legacy at both the local and international levels, as well as a positive influence on the sport. It will feature an innovative emissions reduction plan and aspires to have a 55 percent lower carbon footprint than the Olympic Games London 2012, which are widely regarded as a model for sustainable Games.

This pledge is supported by the Paris 2024 clean transportation strategy, which contains the following elements:

  • 100 percent of spectators take public transportation, bike, or walk to the locations.
  • Games ticket holders get free access to the Paris public transportation system.
  • During the Games, a zero-emission bus fleet will be in operation.
  • The high-performance rail network of France connects 85 percent of bigger French cities to Paris in under four hours, while also connecting Paris to several major European capitals.
  • Paris is placed in the center of Europe, with numerous capital cities less than three hours distant by rail or plane.

The Olympic Village in Paris 2024 will be a demonstration of sustainable development, with low carbon and eco-designed structures, 100 percent renewable energy, and a zero waste policy approach. The environmental effect of any Games-related development will be modest because 95 percent of venues are already established or temporary buildings.

With 85 percent of competition sites located less than 30 minutes from the Olympic Village, athletes’ journey times in zero-emission cars will be modest.  The Olympic Stadium will be located about five minutes from the Olympic Village. Because of its remuneration philosophy, the Paris 2024 Candidature Committee has been certified ISO 20121 and carbon neutral.

Athlete’s view

Marie-Amélie Le Fur is Co-Chair of the Athletes’ Committee for Paris 2024. She earned eight medals from the last two Paralympic Games.

How will the sustainable Games strategy assist your community’s athletes?

The Paris 2024 Games plan is intended not just to provide a positive athlete experience, but also to leave a lasting legacy for the community. The Aquatics Centre will serve as a new elite training facility as well as a leisure swimming facility, which is much required in a Paris neighborhood where half of the youngsters do not know how to swim.

Aside from competition sites, EUR 100 million will be spent on local sporting facilities, many of which will be used as training facilities during the Games, ensuring that the advantages of hosting the Games are shared across the host territory. A specific emphasis will be placed on enhancing these amenities so that they are totally accessible. Finally, a significant and crucial benefit of hosting the 2024 Games in Paris will be a shift in thinking toward individuals with disabilities, not only within the sports sector but across French society.


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