Who is Mohamed Al-Khereiji? Net worth, links to Saudi Arabian government

The most recent name mentioned in connection with a possible acquisition of Chelsea FC is Mohamed Al-Khereiji. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this month, Roman Abramovich placed the club up for sale. As a result of his connections to President Vladimir Putin, Abramovich has subsequently been subject to penalties by the government of the United Kingdom. Saudi Media Group is now claimed to have made a £2.7 billion offer to purchase the Blues, with club supporter Mohamed Al-Khereiji in charge of the deal.

Do you know who is Mohamed Al-Khereiji?

Saudi entrepreneur Mohamed Al-Khereiji is in charge of the Saudi Media Group. In addition, he serves as CEO of Engineer Holding Group, the parent firm that his father, Abdulelah Al-Khereiji, created. He previously attended Cass Business School in the UK and worked for Deutsche Bank for three years. Al-Khereiji, a supporter of Chelsea, attended their November 1–1 tie with Manchester United. Abramovich wasn’t seen at Stamford Bridge again after that. He also supports Al Hilal, who just month competed against Chelsea in the Club World Cup.

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What is the net wealth of Mohamed Al-Khereiji?

It is challenging to determine Saudi Media Group’s total net worth. The largest media company in the region, it also has a stake in sports, hotels, banking, and advertising. They are estimated to generate at least £770 million annually; some sources put the value as high as $1 billion. Other private parties would probably join them as a member of a broader consortium.

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Are there any connections between Mohamed Al-Khereiji and the Saudi government?

Al-campaign Mohamed Al-Khereiji is being financed in part by Mohammed bin Khalid Al Saud, the chairman of the Saudi Telecom Company, a government-owned corporation. The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman may also be seen on Alkhereiji’s social media profile photo. Although there have been claims to the contrary, it doesn’t seem like he has any direct connections to the Saudi government. Any potential purchasers would need to demonstrate that there is no paper trail or legal connection to a government, as was the case with Newcastle’s takeover.

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Will Mohamed Al-Khereiji buy Chelsea?

Following that, CBS Sports is claiming that Saudi Media Group has made a £2.7 billion purchase offer for the team. Mohammed El Khereiji, the consortium’s leader, is rumored to be a Chelsea supporter, and the “private consortium” is supposed to be independent of the Saudi government. The American investment group charged with selling Chelsea anticipates a transaction might occur by the end of the month, according to the BBC. But it’s still unclear who will purchase Chelsea.

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