Joe Thornton Skating with Sharks! Please Let this Happen

And some wonderful news for you all… Joe Thornton, one of my all-time faves and one of the real class acts to ever go on skates, was spotted skating with the San Jose Sharks rookies in Northern California yesterday. No one is saying anything about anything moving forward, and it was rather amusing to observe that Jumbo was really wearing his blue Maple Leaf Pants, but he was out there.

Making plays, smiling, and generally improving everyone’s attitude. This is something I want to happen. Joe should play a few more games in the NHL. His final games…as a member of the San Jose Sharks. This would be his 25th season in the NHL.

Joe should be hired as a coach at the absolute least. In every aspect, he embodies the San Jose Sharks. His demeanor is ideal for the team, the city, and the fan base. He is a legend in his own right, and in my opinion, the greatest Shark of all time. Joe is also regarded as one of the finest NHL players of all time.

┬áHe is now ranked 12th in scoring, with Ray Bourque just above of him and Mark Recchi just below him. Only 15 players in history have amassed more than 1500 points. He has 1539 points and nearly 1100 assists in 1714 NHL games. Joe ranks seventh all-time in assists… He has played 50 less games than Geordie Howe but has 50 more assists.

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