Is Ronda Rousey (American professional wrestler) Married?

Ronda Rousey is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable female fighters. ‘Rowdy’ was an accomplished judoka. And the first American woman to win an Olympic medal. She was also the first woman to break through the glass ceiling. She was the UFC’s first female signee.

Ronda Rousey UFC Fighter – About

Is Ronda Rousey (American professional wrestler) Married-1

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Since then, the women’s game has grown in popularity. Despite believing that women had no place in the UFC, UFC President Dana White said that it was Rousey’s confidence and appeal that convinced him to sign a female fighter. ‘Rowdy’ Rousey is still a WWE wrestler on the roster. Fans may be interested in learning more about her family life, which is precisely what they will discover next. Ronda Rousey is married to Travis Browne, another UFC fighter.

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Rousey met Browne in the gym where they both worked out. They began conversing gradually and married in a tiny wedding in Hawaii in 2017. Browne was enjoying a successful UFC career. He earned 8 victories in his first 12 bouts, but things went south for him when he dropped 4 consecutive fights in 2016-2017. Travis Browne, according to UFC President Dana White, should retire. Travis Browne has not competed since his previous fight against Aleksei Oleinik, although he has not legally retired.

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Was Ronda Rousey interested in having children?

Was Ronda Rousey interested in having children

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Athletes often have hectic lives, juggling training and preparation with continual travel and competitions. This makes having children and raising a family challenging for them. For a celebrity like Ronda Rousey, the dedication is much tougher. Rousey, on the other hand, has already stated her desire to have children. She had a very good motive for desiring a kid. Rousey revealed her desire to have a child when she was 28 years old. ‘Rowdy’ eventually became a mother in 2021.

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Ronda Rousey’s children

Was Ronda Rousey interested in having children-1

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Ronda Rousey and her husband Travis Browne have a daughter together. On September 27, 2021, Rousey gave birth to a daughter. La’akea Makalapuaokalanip Browne is the name of the kid. While the youngster is the couple’s sole biological child, they have two other children. Travis Browne, on the other hand, has two boys from his former relationship with Erin Browne. Kaewe and Kaleo are their names. It is uncertain if the little girl will follow in her parent’s footsteps and become a fighter, but she will undoubtedly grow up surrounded by fighters. Fighting runs in the Rousey family. Ronda Rousey’s mother, AnnMaria De Mars, was also a Judoka.


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