ICC official ‘appreciates’ Rawalpindi police for PSL security

Rawalpindi police for PSL security: On Monday, a delegation of the International Cricket Council “respected” the security measures used by the Rawalpindi police to safeguard the cricketers participating in the Pakistan Super League matches being played at the cricket stadium in the garrison city.

ICC official David Snare also met with City Police Commissioner Syed Khalid Mahmood Hamdani to discuss the Pakistan Super League’s security plans. Mr. Snare “complimented the outstanding security procedures” made by the Rawalpindi police to secure the safety of PSL matches.

PSL Security Precautions

During the evaluation of security duties for the PSL, CPO Hamdani met the ICC security officer, according to a police spokeswoman. The spokesperson reported the CPO as saying, “I am reviewing the security procedures for the foreign players” and praised him and the Pindi police for “doing an excellent job.”

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Meanwhile, the Rawalpindi police released on Twitter a video of an interaction between a police officer and an ICC representative. It was said that the CPO was “doing well” in terms of PSL security.

The official feed reported a security officer as stating, “Under the direction of CPO Syed Khalid Hamdani, @Rawalpindi Police is maintaining perfect security to make the event safe and enjoyable for everyone.”CPO asserts that continuous traffic flow will be maintained during matches. While speaking with Dawn, CPO Hamdani said that all resources were being used to offer perfect security for the PSL players.

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More than 5,000 police officers, including the Elite Force and Dolphin Unit, have been assigned to protect the safety of PSL matches. On his visit to the stadium, Mr. Hamdani spoke with the police officials one-on-one and commended them for their devoted service. He also examined the point-to-point duties and offered directives to the police authorities in charge of the event’s PSL security.

“Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) implementation regarding PSL security must be maintained in every instance,” he stated. In addition to the PSL security precautions, the CPO said that “uninterrupted traffic flow” was also being maintained, as more traffic police officers were placed on roadways to assist the public throughout the matches.

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The City Traffic Police, on the other hand, made special preparations for the teams’ travel from the hotel to the cricket ground by establishing alternate routes. A traffic detour from Faizabad to Sixth Road was also established. During the transit of the cricket teams, traffic will be rerouted for a period of time to maintain a smooth flow, according to the CTO.

During the cricket match, the route between Double Road Chowk and 9th Avenue was entirely blocked. Earlier, Syed Khurram Ali, the Regional Police Officer (RPO) for the Rawalpindi district, visited the cricket stadium and assessed the PSL security measures.

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In addition, he had taken note of the concerns about the substandard meals served to police officers on security duty during PSL matches. Also, the RPO instructed the concerned police officers to take administrative action against individuals responsible for giving meals to police officials.

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