HBL PSL 8: 4 Teams, 13 Games, 1 City, PCB Describes the Women’s league

The HBL PSL 8 and the inaugural women’s league will both take place at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium in March 2023, according to information released by the Pakistan Cricket Board.

For Pakistan’s women’s domestic championship, four city-based teams, each with 12 local and six international players, will participate in a double-league format. The HBL PSL 8 final will take place the day before the solo match between the top two teams after 12 league games.

The HBL PSL 8 will take place between February 9 and March 19, 2023.

The HBL PSL 8 Women's

Ramiz Raja, chairman of the PCB, said, “I am excited to introduce the women’s league (HBL PSL 8). When our existing players share dugouts with the international players, this competition will help them further develop their talents and draw future female cricket players to this wonderful sport through HBL PSL 8. The first-ever women’s franchise cricket league in Pakistan has been unveiled by PCB. The HBL PSL 8 will significantly affect women’s cricket by giving them a platform to demonstrate their abilities.

The HBL PSL 8, which will consist of 13 matches, will feature current and former female cricket pioneers.

Some of the matches will take place before the HBL PSL 8 matches in order to increase coverage and promotion of this project. The goal of this event is to strengthen Pakistan’s cricket-playing culture across all formats and genders.

Through HBL PSL 8, we are giving our female cricketers job prospects in addition to developing appealing brands to boost our cricket industry. Our female cricketers will learn more as they compete in increasingly stressful situations.

The PCB is a great supporter of giving women (HBL PSL 8) more power so they may shine brighter. We will increase the economic and social prosperity of our nation by involving our women, who make up 49% of the population.

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