FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Tunisians enjoy historic but bittersweet win over France by 1-0

Tunisians overcame their former colonial rival France in a historic World Cup matchup on Wednesday, but they were nonetheless eliminated from the competition. This tournament was notable for a spectacular run of Arab victories over soccer heavyweights.

Tunisia Beat France by 1-0

Car horns blared in Tunis after Tunisia’s 1-0 victory, and fans savored the moment despite the fact that their team did not advance to the round of 16 at the inaugural Arab World Cup in Qatar. It was the third time an Arab nation had upset one of the favorites, but just like Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina last week, it wasn’t enough to go to the next round.

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One Arab country still has a chance to advance to the round of 16 when Morocco, which shocked second-ranked Belgium on Sunday, plays Canada on Thursday. The Saudis were unsuccessful on Wednesday, losing 2-1 to Mexico, while the host nation Qatar have already been eliminated.

Even with its severe political conflicts, the Arab area has already praised the unexpected Arab triumphs in the early going. Narredine ben Salem, who was watching the game in a cafe in Tunis, remarked, “The victory over France was magnificent and had a distinct flavour. Arab football restored its dignity from the former colonial countries.

Following the conclusion of the game, dozens of spectators surged into central Habib Bourguiba Avenue, a frequent location for political demonstrations, cheering and waving flags. About 2,000 spectators in Tunis’s designated fan zone cheered throughout the match, many of whom were wearing face paint or the jersey of the Tunisian national soccer team. Ben Salem remarked, “It was a lovely triumph and a convincing performance, but in the end it was terribly harsh to be eliminated.

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According to Abeer Awaisha, a Tunisian supporter in Qatar, Saudi fans in Qatar hailed Tunisia’s victory, another example of the tournament’s emphasis on Arab unity. Even though a late goal against Mexico reduced their deficit to one goal, Saudi Arabia was also eliminated hours after Tunisia missed out on advancing to the round of 16. Mashael Hussein, a Saudi supporter, stated in Riyadh.

It’s enough that Saudi triumphed over Argentina, it is a historic, unequalled feat.” Although we walked into the game with a sense of national pride, it’s true that we were wanting to win again. Another Saudi fan, Saleem al-Harbi, claimed in Doha that Arab players have demonstrated their worth when competing against the greatest in the world.

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