FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Senegal beat Qatar by 3-1, & Ruins the Dream of Qatar for World Cup

Senegal’s 3-1 victory over Qatar rekindled their qualifying ambitions and was the first win for an African team at Qatar 2022, perhaps motivating the rest of the continent. African teams have nothing to rejoice about during the first five days of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, with a record of two draws and three defeats from the first round of group games. Only Ghana scored, and both of their goals came in a 3-2 loss to Portugal.

On Friday afternoon, a light of optimism flashed for the whole African Zone, and it was Senegal who brightened the atmosphere. The Lions opened the tournament against France in 2002, and again against Poland in 2018. Senegal has so set an example for their continental opponents, who have seemed cautious and maybe over-anxious at times. The African teams, endowed with evident skill, awaited a breakthrough. Indeed, Senegal’s pioneering victory was widely applauded on social media well beyond the country’s boundaries.

Senegal beat Qatar by 3-1

Senegal beat Qatar by 3-1, & Ruins the Dream of Qatar for World Cup

Put it down to a sense of solidarity among African teams that may not exist on any other continent. I hope the other African countries get going and achieve something in this competition,” Senegal’s Pape Abou Cisse said after the win over Qatar. Senegal was always expected to lead the way for Africa’s World Cup aspirations as the defending continental champions. But, first and foremost, they are dedicated to their own mission.

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Of sure, people had big expectations of us – that’s apparent, Youssouf Sabaly, the defender, stated. “However, our primary attention is on ourselves and achieving the greatest possible outcome in each game.” We don’t feel any pressure because of our position in relation to the other African teams,” Cisse remarked. “The only pressure comes from ourselves since we have lofty goals in this tournament. A nation’s hopes are a hefty enough burden to bear without Senegal having to carry the hopes of an entire continent.

Even so, if they can inspire others along the road, that’s a win-win situation. Meanwhile, as they wait to see if their fellow African competitors can follow in their footsteps, Aliou Cisse’s squad will enjoy their Qatar victory without getting too carried away. Nothing has been decided for a squad determined to go to the knockout stage. Senegal’s gradual rise as continental leaders, on the other hand, has become the first African team to win at least one game in each of their first three World Cups.

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A fantastic achievement, but one with little meaning for the gamers. “I’m not sure whether that signifies anything since we must remember that we started this World Cup with a defeat,” Sabaly added. “It’s nothing like the last two World Cups. In any case, we must maintain our concentration. Wise words with a semi-final against Ecuador on Tuesday, but that game might propel this Senegal squad to new heights. And with them, the rest of Africa.

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