FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Paulo Wanchope, The FIFA World Cup is a magical event

The Globe Cup is an event that causes the entire world to come to a halt [and pay attention]. Why? Because we all join together to support our team and stand as one, regardless of race, nationality, or culture. That’s the greatest way I can put it; it’s a fantastic experience.”

We live in perilous times, marked by conflicts and global catastrophes. The planet is split. Through the power of football, the FIFA World Cup will bring people together to cross borders, unite, and celebrate together. Football Unites the World will be a global movement that uses football to inspire, unite, and promote development. Some of our FIFA Legends have shared their memories of how football brought their different countries together during difficult times.

FIFA World Cup turned out to be a magical event

As the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 approaches, we look back at some of Paulo Wanchope’s most memorable moments during the world’s biggest football celebration. Paulo Wanchope is one of the most influential players in Costa Rican football history. La Cobra, the country’s second-highest national-team goalscorer of all time, scored goals in both the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan and the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany.

I guess we were concerned at the time since Japan and Korean Republic were not recognized as football-crazy countries.” But that is the core and enchantment of the World Cup; it allows us to learn about various cultures and meet new individuals. However, Wanchope believes that the lessons to be learned extend well beyond the action on the field. Coming into contact with a different culture helps teach us about tolerance and expands our eyes,” he says. It encourages us to mature as individuals, to be polite, to recognize that life is a gift and that, despite our world’s challenges, we have the ability to live in peace.”

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When questioned about his World Cup career highlight, he points to Germany in 2006, when Costa Rica faced the hosts in the tournament opener. I recall the days preceding the game, the training sessions, and our high-intensity approach… I couldn’t wait for it to happen. The Costa Ricans were defeated 4-2 in Munich, but being a part of that game on June 9 has left a lasting memory on Wanchope, especially as the man responsible for both of his team’s goals that day.

“We were astounded by the number of Costa Rican fans there.” The stadium was fully red in one part. I recall the exhilaration, the goals, and the opportunity to compete and score against a traditional favorite… they are things you never forget.

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