FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Ghana coach slams referee after Ronaldo’s record FIFA World Cup goal

Ghana coach Otto Addo called the penalty that produced Cristiano Ronaldo’s World Cup record goal a wonderful gift” and chastised the American referee who gave it.

Ronaldo won and converted the penalty in the second half, becoming the first male player to score in five World Cups. On Thursday, Portugal defeated Ghana 3-2. Congratulations to anybody who scores a goal. But this was a true gift. Addo described it as a true gift.

What else is there to say? The referee had given me a special gift


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Addo’s blunt criticism of American referee Ismail Elfath may land him in hot water with FIFA. When asked what he believed caused Ghana’s close defeat, Addo replied, “The referee. Addo believed Ghanaian defender Mohammed Salisu did not foul Ronaldo for the penalty and he protested that the referees did not utilize VAR to confirm this. Salisu’s thigh looked to make little contact with Ronaldo’s leg before the Portugal captain collapsed.

Ronaldo, 37, who was starting what was thought to be his final World Cup, converted the penalty for his piece of history.

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Addo believes they made the incorrect decision

I’m not sure why VAR didn’t show up. For me, there is no explanation. When you’re up against a world-class squad, it’s much tougher. Addo, a former Ghanaian player, is in his first international coaching role and his first World Cup. He said that he attempted to meet with Elfath after the game to question him about the event. Elfath had also missed multiple fouls against Addo’s players, according to Addo.

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I attempted, Addo stated

I asked some FIFA officials outside if I could speak with the referee in a calm and quiet manner, but they said he was in a meeting and it was not possible.

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