FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar: Champions Argentina return home with the trophy

Thousands of supporters greeted the players as their jet touched down at 2.26 a.m.

  • Argentina’s jet touched down in Buenos Aires at 2.26 a.m.
  • Lionel Messi was the first to welcome the crowd.
  • The festivities will continue on Tuesday.

Argentina return home with the trophy

Argentina’s jet, carrying the world champions, landed at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires at 2.26 a.m. on Tuesday. Lionel Scaloni’s squad landed in the capital after over 20 hours of travel, where hundreds of supporters awaited them to honor them for winning the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar. Captain Lionel Messi was the first to exit the aircraft, cradling the World Cup in his right hand. Coach Scaloni soon followed his talisman down the steps, along with the head of the Argentine Football Association, Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia.

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After disembarking from the plane, the players, coaching staff, and directors boarded a bus and were taken to the team’s headquarters, just a few kilometers from the airport, where the hit song “Muchachos,” which has served as the soundtrack to the team’s adventures in Qatar, was performed by the band La Mosca Tsé-Tsé.

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