Early Prediction Week. The Metro Division. As of Now…

It’s far too early, but we did this last year and had a great time… So, let’s take a look at the Metro Division… As of today…

Philadelphia is ranked eighth.

I’m not predicting doom for the Flyers, but I do feel that if they can remain healthy, they have far more skill than people realize. But there’s a huge if there. It’s also difficult to put into words. Tortorella finished eighth. However, this is a VERY nice division…

Washington is ranked seventh.

The Capitals are similar to the Bruins. We’re constantly waiting for the season when they take a step back, but it never seems to come. They have several promising young players, and Ovechkin will keep them involved in every game. But, at the end of the day, this year appears to be a transitory one. 

Columbus is ranked sixth.

I appreciate how the Jackets added Gaudreau and how this team functions. I need to view them first before I can move them up… They’re still having problems with D.

New Jersey Devils is ranked fifth.

The Devils have the potential to be the quickest team in the Metro. They are going to surprise A LOT of folks. I appreciate the goalie improvements, and I feel Jack Hughes’ youth and ascension make them a tough out for anyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Devils led this division early in the season.

New York Islanders is ranked fourth.

The Isles will be returning in a major manner. Sorokin is the genuine deal, and the islanders have demonstrated that they are still capable of outstanding performance when they are fit. Last year, they were the top team in the Metro from February onward.

Pittsburgh is ranked third.

The Penguins kept the band intact, and a full year from Malkin, along with Jarry’s continued progress, makes the Penguins the greatest team in the league at times. They have a good chance of winning this division.

Carolina is rated second.

The Hurricanes are on track to compete for the Stanley Cup. I’m a big fan of their offseason additions. My main concern is in goal, where they must still establish themselves in the playoffs. They might finish fourth, but I feel they will perform better in the playoffs than they have in a long time.

New York Rangers are ranked first.

The Rangers were my preseason pick to win it all last year, and they delivered once more in the playoffs. I enjoy how they play under Gallant, and last season their young guys took over in the playoffs… This will not stop… The goaltender is also crucial. They have only the best.

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