Dil, Dil Netherlands, Pakistan’s ‘Undertaker’ entry in the semi-finals

When Pakistani cricket fans went to bed on Saturday night, they probably didn’t expect Sunday’s sun to offer a miracle, that Pakistan goes to the semi-finals of ICC MEN”s T20 WC.

On Sunday morning, a relatively weak team like the Netherlands defeated a highly weaker squad like South Africa by 13 runs to not only escape the battle for the T20 World Cup semi-finals but also to reach the semi-finals. It also laid the groundwork for Pakistan. All Pakistan had to do was beat Bangladesh to go to the semi-finals, and that is exactly what occurred. Pakistan defeated Bangladesh by five wickets to go to the T20 World Cup semi-finals.

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Pakistan into semi-finals of ICC Men’s T20 WC

'Dil, Dil Netherlands',

The Pakistani squad did not get off to a good start in this World Cup, as they were defeated by India and Zimbabwe in their first two games, and their remaining voyage in the tournament was a do-or-die affair. This was also the reason why Pakistani athletes were chastised on social media.

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However, now that Pakistan has advanced to the semi-finals, Ravi Chin is writing Chin and Khushi. Fans are congratulating the Pakistan squad, but their newfound affection for the Netherlands team is also visible. Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif congratulated the Pakistani squad on their victory and lauded the Netherlands’ effort in a tweet.

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