AB de Villiers approves Suryakumar Yadav as 360-degree Player

If he can achieve this for the next five to 10 years, de Villiers believes he will be remembered as a great cricketer. Suryakumar Yadav’s 360-degree style has earned parallels to AB de Villiers in recent months. De Villiers has now endorsed similar parallels, saying Suryakumar would be “in the golden books of cricket stars” if he maintains his consistency.

Comparisons of AB & SKY as 360-degree Players

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They are correct in comparing Suryakumar to me. The only thing he would have to focus on is consistency “PTI quoted de Villiers as saying. “He will have to do this for five to 10 years before he gets inducted into the hall of fame of cricket players. Any player who gets into shape. I can think of a couple of people that really start performing at the top of their game, which gets me really thrilled. Every athlete, for that matter, is wonderful to see when they are really free and having a good time out there.

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Surya’s current form is fantastic to witness. Suryakumar is presently ranked first in the ICC T20I rankings. According to ESPNcricinfo’s Smart Stats, he has risen above the circumstances on his debut tour of Australia to become one of the most impacting hitters in the current T20 World Cup. During his 61 off 25 balls against Zimbabwe at the MCG, he regularly shuffled to scoop or sweep left-arm seamer Richard Ngarava behind square leg from wide of the off stump.

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Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar dubbed Suryakumar the “new Mr 360-degree” after his knock, which helped India reach 186 for 5. He smashed that one ball for a six just to the left of the wicketkeeper,” Gavaskar said to India Today. “Then, in the closing overs, he went a bit squarer, for example, taking advantage of the angle that the bowler was attempting to aim at. He then played the lofted extra-cover drive, giving him every shot in the book.

A 360-degree conversation

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There was also a straight drive. Suryakumar, speaking to Star Sports after the Zimbabwe game, dismissed the connection to de Villiers. “I believe there is only one 360-degree player in the world,” he remarked. “I simply try to play as well as I can. “I try to remain as motionless as possible so that I can strike the ball to the desired spots. In the nets, I bat the same manner, but I put more strain on myself so that I have less pressure In the match.

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Suryakumar said that he does not attempt to muscle the ball, but rather uses the crease and manipulates the field. When I’m batting, I have a pretty clear strategy,” he remarked. “I simply look at the field and don’t attempt to play big shots. I just try to play the field, hit solid shots, and establish a boundary. If I time it well and get a six, that’s excellent for the team. But I just try to play the field and take the shots that come my way. I make no attempt to be different.”

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I keep guessing what the bowler is thinking, whether he has already thrown one bouncer in the over, and how the field is. Some shots are clearly preset, but I try to keep my body steady for some shots, [particularly] if I want to time the ball properly and smash a huge six. So that’s the improvisation I attempt, staying stationary, but otherwise, I try to move about the crease as much as possible to disrupt the bowler’s line and length.”

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Before the commencement of the T20 World Cup, former Australia captain Ricky Ponting compared Suryakumar’s striking range to that of AB de Villiers. “Surya scores 360 degrees around the ground, kind of how AB de Villiers did in his peak,” Ponting added. “The lap shots, late cuts, and ramps over the keeper’s head. He has the ability to strike the earth. He smashes pretty well over the leg side, flips to deep backward square especially well, and he’s a strong fast bowling and spin bowling player.

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