Dasun Shanaka’s Sri Lankan Skipper Confident to win the World Cup T20 2022

Dasun Shanaka, captain of the Sri Lankan cricket team hopes to win the World Cup T20 2022 in Australia. Shanaka’s team won the Asia Cup T20 2022 and hopes to win the Asia Cup again in 2022 but that won’t be easy as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are all going to be competing as well. The Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have some very talented cricketers who have been representing their country at junior level and they will also pose a serious threat to Sri Lanka’s hopes in 2022. all the teams are well prepared for this WC Title and each time team can give a tough time to other.

Cricket in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka have made it to the finals three times in succession and hope to win the World Cup T20 2022. Dasun Shanaka who won the Asia Cup 2022 said that if he could reach his goals in his formative years, he would also like to win a World Cup T20 title. Sri Lanka has come closer than any other team to winning a World Championship in recent years.

Sri Lanka has been able to make it to the final 3 times in a row. The past two were very close calls with Sri Lanka losing by only 1 run both times. The most recent loss was to India which was a 2-run defeat for Sri Lanka. It is hard for any country that does not play cricket as well as India does but Sri Lanka still has high hopes of achieving victory at this year’s world cup t20 tournament which will be held in England from June 11th-July 14th of 2020.

Dasun Shanaka an official all-rounder from Sri Lanka

Known for his ability to execute both spin and fast bowling, Dasun Shanaka is Sri Lanka’s best chance at winning their first ever World Cup title. He made his Test debut 

England vs Sri Lanka at Leeds – May 19 – 21, 2016 after his outclass performances he became a regular member of Sri Lanka national team in both Test and ODI formats as well in T20. After winning the Asia Cup 2022, the team hopes to win the World Cup T20 2022 and receive global acclaim as one of cricket’s finest nations!

Dasun Shanaka & team Confident for T20 WC 2022

Since Sri Lanka won the Asia Cup 2022, Shanaka and his team have been more confident. They hope to use this same momentum they built up during their time in Bangladesh by repeating their success in Sri Lanka for WC T20 2022. As captain of the team, Shanaka sees that there are many other teams trying hard to take his position as captain. But Shanaka is optimistic about Sri Lanka’s chance for a successful repeat victory.

Sri Lankan players feel like one of their biggest advantages is how they can easily understand each other on the field, so when someone goes out or comes in, communication is not disrupted. There is also confidence in Sri Lanka because of what they achieved at the last World Cup. The team will be practicing harder and playing better than ever before to achieve an even greater goal: winning the World Cup T20 2022.

The rise of Dasun Shanaka

Tight-lipped until his triumph, it is telling that when Dasun Shanaka was awarded a Man of the Match award for his 60 against Pakistan in October, he eloquently thanked family and friends without uttering a word about cricket. However, little could be gleaned from that. For instance, one could surmise from this silence that success has come by taking many detours. 

In an age where parents often coach their own children from an early age, after quitting school in Sri Lanka at 14 to live with his grandparents in southern India and start work as a motor mechanic, with football being his first love – he only started cricketing seriously in 2011 at the age of 18 – he has been unusual.

Road to success in less than two years

One of Sri Lanka’s biggest names in international cricket has expressed his interest in competing for the national team. Dasun Shanaka, a left-handed batsman and occasional off-spin bowler, is now 29 years old and will be aiming to win the World Cup T20 2022, which is scheduled to take place in India. Sri Lanka qualified for the 2018 World Cup by defeating Afghanistan in February and are ranked 9th by Cricket Ranking Consultant. This means that they will have a relatively easy path up until their final game.

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