Currently, Javier Hernandez Chicharito competes for the Los Angeles Galaxy in Major League Soccer

According to sources from the US media, the Los Angeles Galaxy will not renew their contract at the conclusion of this 2022 season because Mexican striker Javier “Chicharito” Hernández won’t be a part of their plans after his contract expires. The Los Angeles team has other players in mind to develop into franchise players, therefore according to Diario AS EU edition, the young team of Club Deportivo Guadalajara won’t stay with the team.

Chicharito Hernández would leave LA Galaxy to give Luis Suárez space

The same media sources that were stated earlier confirm that the Uruguayan attacker, who now competes for the Uruguay National, is the next target of the California squad and wants him as a franchise player beginning in January 2023. The only thing keeping the footballer from being hired, according to reports that the offer would be economically superior to the one the “Gunman” is currently receiving, would be his close proximity to his home country, but the Los Angeles club would hope to persuade him with the quality of life in Los Angeles.

Suárez would be paid from “Chicharito’s” substantial salary.

Javier Hernández is one of the best paid football players in the whole North American league, earning 7.2 million dollars annually from the Los Angeles Angels. Because of this, this number would likely be comparable to or somewhat more than what the LA Galaxy offers to Luis Suárez, who is now the third-most goal scorer in FC Barcelona history with 283 goals, behind César Rodriguez with 343 goals and his close friend Lionel Messi with 778 goals. 

Fans of the Club Deportivo Guadalajara who have been hoping to see “Chicharito” make a comeback in Mexican football may find this situation to their satisfaction. They will be able to see his jersey once more.


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