Cristiano Ronaldo Discusses 2022 Qatar World Cup, Future Portugal Plans

Cristiano Ronaldo has stated that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be his final international competition with Portugal and that he is delighted that the event will be staged there. When questioned about the tournament in Qatar, the national team captain informed Foxcric

“For me, this is excellent. Qatar is likely to be my final World Cup. I frequently visit Qatar and Dubai for vacations. I’m overjoyed since this will very certainly be the last international event.”

The 2022 World Cup has sparked a slew of controversy since Qatar won the bid to host the event, including, but not limited to, the country’s human rights record, the very hot weather—which has forced the competition to be relocated from the summer to the winter—and a lack of infrastructure.

However, players have often refrained from commenting on such issues, so it would have been unexpected if Ronaldo had done so—especially given that he aspires to participate in it. The 31-year-old will be 37 by the time the event takes place, indicating that he intends to continue playing at least until then.

The attacker maintains excellent physical condition, but in order to maintain his playing career at age 37, he will need to learn how to properly manage his body. 

Ronaldo, who now has 55 goals for Portugal, is only five games away from breaking Luis Figo’s record of 127 appearances as the country’s most-capped player.

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