Chile and Peru Appeal To CAS to Kick Ecuador Out Of FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

In an effort to have Ecuador removed from the World Cup, Chile and Peru have each filed appeals with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the tribunal stated on Friday. Early in September, FIFA, which oversees football worldwide, made a decision in favor of Ecuador in a controversy involving Byron Castillo, who represented Ecuador in qualification.

For the two South American countries, CAS is their final legal option. On November 20, Ecuador will take on the hosts Qatar in the tournament’s opening match in Doha.

According to a court statement, “both appellants urge that CAS issue its final award at the latest by November 10, 2022.” Castillo, a defender, took part in eight of Ecuador’s qualifiers, including both of Ecuador’s games against Chile, which resulted in wins and draws for Ecuador. He was absent from both of Ecuador’s contests with Peru, which Peru won by a score of four.

The Chilean Football Federation (FFCH) claimed that Castillo, who represents Leon in Mexico, was really born in Colombia in July 1995 rather than Playas, Ecuador in November 1998, and that there are “countless facts” to support this claim.

A fake birth certificate, a fraudulent statement of age, and a fictitious nationality were allegedly used, according to the FFCH. Ecuador earned the final automatic regional berth after placing fourth in the South American World Cup qualification.

At the finals, they will face Qatar, the Netherlands, and Senegal. Both Peru and Chile argue that their squad ought to replace Ecuador’s. Peru lost in a playoff against Australia after finishing fifth in South American qualification.

Chile placed seventh, seven points behind Ecuador and five behind Peru. However, Chile wants Ecuador to be deemed the winner of the eight games Castillo played, which would move Chile up to the fourth position among South American zone qualifiers.

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