Brock Lesnar’s 10 Most Devastating Moves

Even though Brock Lesnar only uses three moves these days, he formerly had a decent selection of blows, submission holds, and grapples. Here are his most lethal manoeuvres.

People will be critical of Vince McMahon’s choice to pay Brock Lesnar lavish sums of money to compete on a part-time basis while holding championships hostage. However, nobody can dispute the Beast Incarnate’s monstrosity. One of the few men in the group who can pretty much do whatever he wants to you when he grabs you is probably Brock.

In 2013, he rejoined the business with a somewhat modified skill set. Now it appears that all he does is continually throw his opponents about the ring while performing German suplexes. But when you’re Brock, all you truly need is that. The Conqueror has more lethal moves than just just one, though. The 10 Most Terrifying Moves by Brock Lesnar are shown below.

The F-5

Not only is Brock wed to Marc Mero’s ex-wife, called Sable, but he also always took the finisher. Look how similar Mero’s TKO and Lesnar’s F-5 are, for real. Brock has always towered above superstars; there hasn’t been one yet that he didn’t. Get him up on your shoulders, and then simply fling them off; it’s such a simple manoeuvre. The F-5, however, appears to be almost as dangerous as a tornado while Brock is performing it.

German Suplex 

It is the motion picture that made “Suplex City,” the album by German Suplex, famous. Hopefully, not many of us will ever have to experience it. Have you ever experienced a backwards fall or a backwards accident?

Imagine being attacked by a wrestler and not knowing where to land on the mat. Then comes the terrible understanding that Brock is sending you into orbit, and he will keep doing so.

Kimura Lock 

Good Ol’ JR likes to tell people to “go away and learn a new hold.” Many thanks, Jim. After leaving, Lesnar dominated the UFC. He returned to WWE and displayed his latest toy, the Kimura Lock.

Brock initially satisfied himself by severing wrestlers’ arms. Earlier this year, everyone from John Cena to Triple H to Finn Bálor. But why break a man’s arm off when you can crush him around the ring and break every bone in his body?

Shooting Star Press

He had performed this action numerous times before while rising through the ranks of OVW. It only made sense that it was time to attempt to launch the Shooting Star Press on the biggest stage. Brock Lesnar “borrowed” another item from Marc Mero, the Shooting Star Press, and the sheer thought of him utilising one on a regular basis is just horrifying.

Knowing that he severely botched the move at WrestleMania XIX and almost immediately stood back up after spearing his own head into the mat may make it even scarier. Whoever he’s up against should definitely have their affairs in order if he ever has the audacity to attempt this manoeuvre again.

Ground and pound

Do you want a nearly three-hundred-pound man pounding you mercilessly with hands the size of meat hooks? No one else does either. Although it is legally against the law for any WWE superstar to use their fists, everyone does it. When there is no blood, the business loses some of its credibility.

But when Lesnar kicks Randy Orton in the head and causes him to bleed profusely, it serves as a sharp reminder of just how much damage Lesnar was capable of doing.

To the chest with knees

Ideally, a bear will never attack someone you know or love. Simply said, they paw and sort of grip you. Similar to how Lesnar seems when he grabs you, covers your torso, and rams his knees into your midsection.

Anyone who has ever experienced the agony of taking a blow to the upper chest or stomach will agree that losing your breath is unpleasant. Brock would undoubtedly start bleeding internally after repeatedly kneeing him.

Brock Lock Slam

Everyone is aware of Brock’s ability to pick up almost anyone and throw them around like a bean bag chair. But when will he finally free you? The Brock Lock is a vicious submission hold that The Beast Incarnate invented.

Turnbuckle Spear

Being speared is never enjoyable. It is a major move that drains both the person receiving it and the guy delivering it. Next, there are those like Brock Lesnar. He repeatedly slams his opponent into the turnbuckle rather than hurling himself into the air and then onto the mat (since what would be the joy in that?).

The majority of Brock’s moves are intended to knock his opponents completely off their feet. His Turnbuckle Spears, however, are by far the worst of the lot.

Vertical Suplex 

There are numerous ways to execute a vertical suplex. Before dropping your opponent, you can hold them for an illimitable amount of time. You can quickly snap suplex your opponent, and certain wrestlers have used rolling vertical suplexes in the past, like Brock and Eddie Guerrero.

Standing belly-to-belly

We are all aware of Brock Lesnar’s exceptional physical attributes. A gorilla-like beast with six feet three and 275 pounds. He is one of the few wrestlers with both country and gym strength, a la John Cena and Braun Strowman.

That’s a risky mix for a powerful fighting machine. Occasionally, he may throw a standing belly-to-belly suplex to display his strength. He would simply throw you like a basketball over your head. Any superstar would like being essentially dropped on their head and neck from a height of at least six feet.

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