BOOM BOOM! Shahid Afridi Quit Chief Selector Job

Is it true that Shahid Afridi Quit Chief Selector Job Ramiz Raja, the former PCB chief, and the cricket board have been at odds since his dismissal? Ramiz Raja was fired by the PCB after the 3-0 thrashing of England. Since then, the two have engaged in a rhetorical tug of war. Ramiz Raja has left no opportunity to criticize or discredit PCB. He recently recommended temporary head selector Shahid Afridi resign in a video.

Shahid Afridi’s Big Announcement

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Ramiz Raja declared the working PCB “toxic” and ordered him to resign immediately. Raja made the comment during a talk with Capital TV. “In my view, he should not work in such a setting. I can simply provide a suggestion. I’ll conduct some research if I have to join any institution.

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Who is the boss, who are his subordinates, will I be comfortable, will I be rewarded, why do I want to work, what is the point?” According to Ramiz Raja. After dismissing Ramiz Raja, the PCB chose to re-appoint Najaf Sethi as Chief. Sethi subsequently named Shahid Afridi as the temporary head selector. Shahid Afridi has made some brave judgments for PCB since his tenure. The former all-rounder has also said that he wants to make adjustments that would benefit the club.

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Bringing Sarfaraz Ahmed back to the test team was one of his recent wise selections. Furthermore, Najaf Sethi has said that he has no objections to Mohammad Amir’s return. Ex-PCB Chief Ramiz Raja has already said that he has no regard for the player implicated in the rigging and does not want him back. In contrast to Ramiz, Sethi said, “Amir has been a very excellent performance for Pakistan and we have no difficulties if he wants to make himself available for selection again.

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Ramiz Raja has not only criticized the PCB but has also made accusations against the BCCI. After Jay Shah declined to send the men in blue to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, he had no choice but to attack the BCCI. Raja has also vowed to boycott the Asia Cup and World Cup 2023 on many occasions. The Asia Cup 2023 will be held in Pakistan, and the specifics of the global competition have yet to be disclosed.


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