10 Best Looks of Sasha Banks in 2022

Sasha Banks is one of WWE’s most fashionable talents, and these are without a doubt some of her greatest outfits. Sasha Banks is an elite-level performer who puts on amazing battles anytime she goes between the ropes, but her personality is one of the reasons she has been so successful. Her Legit Boss character stands out, and Banks has always put a lot of thought into the tiny nuances.

This has included her attire, with Banks constantly striving to appear the finest in the ring because that is what her persona claims to be: greater than the others. Banks have put together several beautiful ensembles that have become iconic, whether for in-ring promos or her ring attire in fights.

10. All White Gear

Best Looks of Sasha Banks All White Gear

Wrestlers normally like to wear a variety of bright colors or extremely dark clothing to the ring, but when someone decides to wear simply white, they quickly stand out and seem fresh. That’s what Sasha Banks did when she entered Hell in a Cell to confront Bayley.

It was a wonderful costume that contrasted brilliantly against Bayley’s all-black ensemble, with the two contrasting well. It also made Banks’ hair stand out, giving her the appearance of a famous celebrity at the time.

9. Spider-Man Inspiration

Best Looks of Sasha Banks Spider-Man Inspiration

Wrestlers donning ring gear influenced by various pop culture themes, such as numerous Marvel heroes, have proven to be popular costume material for wrestlers. Johnny Gargano and Alexa Bliss are widely known in WWE for putting together costumes that pay homage to other personas, and Sasha Banks has followed suit. During an episode of SmackDown during the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Banks chose to embody the web-slinger himself with her outfit. The red and blue looked wonderful, but there were also a lot of subtle details that helped it seem just like Spider-suit.

8. Matching the New Day

Best Looks of Sasha Banks Matching the New Day

Sasha Banks and The New Day have never been a recognized tag team, but they have competed in bouts and segments together. Banks chose a light blue suit to match the trio as much as possible since she is all about connecting with the audience.

The addition of the unicorn horn only served to make it more memorable as they all danced around the ring in a sequence that most fans still remember, thanks in large part to Banks’ outstanding flair.

7. Hall Of Fame Ready

Best Looks of Sasha Banks Hall Of Fame Ready

The Hall of Fame ceremony is a significant occasion, and although the focus is undoubtedly on those who are inducted, it also allows the current roster to showcase their talents. Everyone wants to stand out at these events, and Sasha Banks surely achieved that during the 2022 show.

She usually works hard to appear amazing, but here she was genuinely able to exhibit what she is comfortable in while going all out to dress up and wow on the night.

6. Sailor Moon Inspiration

Best Looks of Sasha Banks Sailor Moon Inspiration

Sasha Banks is a passionate anime lover, and she wore Sailor Moon-inspired ring gear for the 2022 Royal Rumble. It’s not widely known, but even those who aren’t aware of it will be able to enjoy the lively, vivid costume that it was.

The colors all stood out, and the minor details like the stars and ribbon added to the overall appeal. Putting the eyeballs in her ring gear just improved it, making it one-of-a-kind.

5. Ready for War

Best Looks of Sasha Banks Ready for War

Sasha Banks has been a part of various historic matches, including the first-ever women’s Hell In A Cell battle versus Charlotte Flair. Because the contest was all about violence, Banks matched her ring attire by wearing a red and gray camouflaged suit.

This worked brilliantly for that particular situation, and it also looked great on television. Banks always knows how to make the best of a bad situation, which is precisely what she did with this look.

4. Making an Entrance

Best Looks of Sasha Banks Making an Entrance

Sasha Banks enjoys looking amazing inside the ring, but she also understands how to make a statement from the moment she steps out from behind the curtain. That is precisely what she was able to achieve during SummerSlam 2017 when she pulled up an amazing ensemble that immediately had people talking.

She was wearing a large coat that was connected over her head and was so large that she had to retain hold of it throughout her arrival. While it wasn’t the most practical, it did look great and screamed’star power.’

3. Pushing the Diamonds

Best Looks of Sasha Banks Pushing the Diamonds

Sasha Banks always looks beautiful when she competes in the ring, but she doesn’t limit her good looks to contests. Banks promotes her style in every part, including wearing amazing clothing for her television ads and appearances.

That was the case with this specific ensemble, which was studded with beautiful diamonds. This complemented her character wonderfully since it contributed to the sass that Banks was bringing to the ring at the moment.

2. Eddie Guerrero Tribute

Best Looks of Sasha Banks Eddie Guerrero Tribute

Every wrestler has a role model they look up to, and it is commonly known that Sasha Banks’ role model was Eddie Guerrero. Banks had a tremendous opportunity to battle for the returning WWE Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 32, and to commemorate the event, she paid tribute to Latino Heat himself. 

Banks donned ring gear that was an obvious tribute to Guerrero, which fans enjoyed seeing. While she looked elegant as always, Banks also demonstrated that she is still a devotee of the industry.

1. WrestleMania Headliner

Best Looks of Sasha Banks WrestleMania Headliner

Sasha Banks earned the opportunity to wrestle in the WrestleMania main event when she faced Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 37, probably the greatest bout of her career. Banks chose an electric yellow ring outfit with black and dark blue accents to commemorate the occasion.

The fact that her hair matched her clothing was a nice touch that indicated how much work Banks was putting into the situation. She looked stunning, and the massive coat she wore on her walk to the ring just added to the effect.

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