Wow! BBL: Michael Neser, 6 or out – A Stunner in Big Bash

Michael Neser’s outstanding boundary fielding performance in the Big Bash League was the day’s hot subject of debate for Cricket fans all around the globe. Michael Neser’s amazing athleticism, which saw him execute a juggling effort at the boundary line, intercepted Jordan Silk’s attempt to clear long-off at the Gabba.

Michael Neser stunner in BBL

BBL Michael Neser, Six or out –

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When Michael Neser realized he was about to breach the boundary rope, he grabbed the ball and flung it up. Michael Neser timed his leap well and palmed the ball back within the boundary without hitting the ground, finally returning to the field of play to complete the catch.

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The umpires ultimately ruled it a good catch after reviewing the video, but uncertainty reigned supreme among players, pundits, and spectators. So, what is the rules of cricket when it comes to such juggling catches over the boundary rope? A fielder who is not in touch with the ground is regarded to be grounded beyond the boundary if his/her last contact with the ground, before his/her initial contact with the ball after it has been delivered by the bowler, was not wholly inside the boundary,” according to Law 19.5.2.

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It’s worth noting that as long as the fielder’s initial contact with the ball is within the boundary line, they may complete the catch anyway they like, as long as their feet aren’t planted with the ball beyond the boundary. The batter was rightly pronounced out since Michael Neser’s initial touch with the ball, the timing of his leap, and the subsequent catch were all within the rules of the game.

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