Babar Azam responds to Ricky Ponting’s praise

Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan, said it was an honor to hear Australian legend Ricky Ponting say recently that he still has time to reach his peak as a batsman and captain. In an interview with Sanjana Ganesan for a recent edition of The ICC Review, Ponting gushed over Babar Azam and predicted that the Pakistani player will continue to set records for the rest of his career.

After Babar Azam won the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for ICC Cricketer of the Year for the first time and ODI Cricketer of the Year for the second consecutive year, Ponting said, “I think Babar Azam still got a little bit of improvement to come, which is a pretty scary thought with what he’s been able to do, pretty much across all three formats over the last three, four years.” I like seeing him play. I believe there is space for improvement; let’s hope it happens.

Babar Azam Pride of Pakistan

Ponting’s comments, according to Babar Azam, were a wonderful delight to hear and would boost his self-assurance. When a renowned player compliments you, you get confidence and want to improve, Babar Azam told ICC Digital. “When such a large player compliments you, it boosts your confidence because you believe that such a large player is speaking well of you. Since these athletes have gone through a comparable time, they are aware of my mentality.

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They are familiar with the game and have experienced comparable situations. So yeah, I do try to take these criticisms positively and do my best. Pakistan advanced to the semi-finals of the second straight T20 World Cup under the leadership of Babar Azam, but Ponting believes Babar will continue to develop as a leader. Ponting remarked in January, “I must say he seemed like he was a little bit rattled during the T20 World Cup, especially the game against India when things got pretty close at the finish.

You could see some of the more experienced players approaching him and attempting to calm him down and help him think more clearly, in particular Shadab Khan. But, that is a T20 game. Being the captain of a T20 squad is never an easy task, particularly during a World Cup and in a crucial situation like that one when things were becoming pretty close. “I’m confident he’ll find the perfect approach to lead and be a very successful captain of Pakistan,” the speaker said.

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“With a little more experience under his belt as he’s done with his batting,” Babar Azam said when asked about his leadership style that he concentrates on obtaining the greatest performance out of his team members. Babar explained his approach to leadership: “You have to be honest with your choices.” Use the best squad for Pakistan and the appropriate players. You must instill confidence in your teammates on the field.

The better results you might receive from them depend on how much confidence you provide. “What matters to me is what a player is thinking and how you can put him in his comfort zone.” When required, Babar Azam is also at ease working with and consulting his colleagues, citing Imam-ul-Haq, Shadab Khan, and Mohammad Rizwan as those he often consults with off the field. We are all unified, which is a wonderful thing,’ Babar Azam remarked.

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“That’s good news for our group. That’s a good indicator for us as a team because when someone is struggling, he will already have a teammate to lean on. We’ve been playing together for five or six years, so we are familiar with each other’s personalities and thought processes. “Whenever there is such a moment, we embrace each other and give ourselves confidence.”

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