Babar Azam “didn’t simply miss a catch; he dropped Pakistanis’ hearts,” claims one international supporter.

Fans of the Pakistani squad abroad were similarly unhappy by the loss during the T20 series final defeat to England on Sunday due to Babar Azam dropping the setter in such a crucial moment of the game.

On social media, a video of one of these fans went viral, showing the girl upset and humiliated after a match while sitting with her British pals.

After making fun of the female, the English companion remarks that “even Indians are laughing at you.” Have you ever wondered how we, Pakistanis living abroad, can survive after such a defeat? The girl asked.

You don’t realize it, but the entire world is making fun of us.

The girl said to Babar Azam, “Babar, you did not drop the catch, you dropped the hearts of Pakistanis, but Ramiz Raja is more accountable for everything,” adding, “Ramiz asks fans to be gentle on the national team as the Green Shirts are not the best team in the world, then make it the best team in the world.”

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