Andy Murray was going to engage the police when his wedding band turned up in lost and found at his hotel

Andy Murray discusses the mystery surrounding the loss of his wedding band and reveals that this was not the first time he has been negligent with it. The Scot was pleased with his first victory in Indian Wells and said, “I performed well considering the conditions.”

After he was prepared to contact the police, Andy Murray said that his wedding band ultimately came up in lost property at his hotel. As he was getting ready for the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells earlier this week, the Scot left his band tied to the shoes that he had left out to dry beneath his car overnight.

When they weren’t there the next morning, a social media plea for assistance in bringing them back was made. That was effective with on his route to a brilliant victory against Frenchman Adrian Mannarino in the opening round of the competition on Friday, Murray also got back to playing his best tennis. 

Murray clarified: “In other words, I went and spoke to the hotel’s lost and found a few times the day after we realized they were, say, misplaced or someone had relocated them. 

They reported having discovered nothing.” I talked with security. They reported having discovered nothing. Well, they’re gone, I thought.

To attempt to get them back or to improve my chances of having them back, “I was going to file a police report.” Anyway, I went to the hotel and chatted with them, explaining what I was going to do. They brought me outside to the parking lot and inquired where I parked precisely before deciding to record all of my information, including the specifications of the shoes and ring.

“I asked if they wanted to check out the cameras. A little over an hour later, they appeared. They were discovered in the hotel’s lost and found by one of the staff members. So, yes, it was fortunate that we were able to recover them.”

Murray said he was in the “dog house” with his wife Kim when he posted about his issue on Instagram, but he also stated this wasn’t the first time he’d been negligent with his engagement ring. 

When questioned about the chat with Kim, he replied: “To be honest, it wasn’t that horrible. My wife is really relaxed about those stuff.

“I’ve had a few instances when it’s slid off my shoe. Similar like when I used to swim in a pool. The ring can come off if my hands get too chilly. It wasn’t until later in the day that I realized I had misplaced it. My physical therapist entered the water once more. He used to be a British-level swimmer.

“He was hunting for it down there. He was able to locate it. I’ve been close to losing it several times, yet somehow it always finds its way back to me. Yes, this time was the same. 

Despite putting on a strong performance to defeat Mannarino, Murray wasn’t very impressed. He admitted that his attention span had failed him in recent events, but he was pleased with his mindset.

I believe there are several elements, he remarked. “It might not necessarily be that you’re not paying attention to the game, but you could also be focusing on the wrong things.

“I sometimes find myself gazing back a little bit, perhaps more on what just happened than what is about to happen.

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