8 Funniest Moments in UFC History

Most common people probably picture two skilled fighters entering a cage and beating each other up until one is pronounced the winner when they think of the UFC. That is quite true, but those same individuals ought to be aware that the UFC has seen its share of amusing incidents throughout the years.

There are many humorous moments each and every year, whether they result from captivating interviews given by athletes, preparation for a fight, getting set to eventually face off in the octagon, or just bad luck. There were chuckles in the earlier days as well, but the prominence of the UFC has let them showcase their humorous side considerably more recently.

Nick Diaz on Conor McGregor’s Fighting

Everyone’s perception of Conor McGregor varied when he was the topic of conversation in the UFC. Some attacked the boisterous fighter in an effort to launch early verbal jabs at the accomplished speaker, while others merely admired the excellent fighter.

Nick Diaz wasn’t very interested in making a lengthy assessment when asked what he thought of Conor McGregor’s fighting technique. He just put down the microphone after saying, “I like it,” which caused the entire UFC news conference to break out in laughs.

Cerrone’s Coat

Conor McGregor had some kind words for Donald Cerrone during a press conference that before their stunning fight, as opposed to a lot of smack-talk. Although McGregor has always been regarded as showy, Cerrone might have outdone him at that point.

It stood out as Cerrone was dressed in what he claimed to be a snakeskin suit. The absurdity stemmed from how carefree everything seemed. Many probably shook their heads and grinned when they saw McGregor take the time to compliment his opponent for something so bizarre.

Oliveira & Perry Bust A Move

A UFC fight is typically taken very seriously, and that includes the fighters’ walk-outs. During the walk-out, a fighter typically uses the energy of the UFC audience to psych themselves up for the fight.

Both competitors in a battle between Alex Oliveira and Mike Perry preferred to keep things light during the walkouts. Both men could be seen busting equally goofy actions as Oliveira neared the octagon, which made most onlookers smile.

Adesanya The Pro Wrestler

There will inevitably be some sort of shenanigans when fighters train in front of the media, especially if the guy in issue is Israel Adesanya. Adesanya displayed his wrestling abilities rather than just engaging in a sparring match and some shadowboxing.

Before jumping into a rock bottom and striking a person’s elbow, he applied various finishing moves on his training partner’s opponent in wrestling. Fans of the rock who are also UFC fans undoubtedly enjoyed witnessing Adesanya have some fun in the midst of a serious circumstance.

Brock on Frank Mir’s Horseshoe

It’s safe to say that most people would never want to engage in combat with Brock Lesnar. Frank Mir isn’t your typical person, which is wonderful for UFC fans. Unfortunately, he struggled against Mir in their second encounter.x`

Lesnar explains that he told Mir that he had a horseshoe hidden somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine and that he had gotten it out and hit Mir over the head with it during his post-fight interview while still visibly fired up from the fight. A loud shout from Brock to end the funny scene only heightens the humour.

Derrick Lewis Needs To Poop

Mike Perry’s HaloThe majority of UFC fans could cite a Derrick Lewis interview moment as among the funniest in the organization’s history. 5 Derrick Lewis Needs to Poop Derrick Lewis during an Interview Although he doesn’t have the most engaging speaking style, it’s difficult to claim that he never expresses exactly what is on his mind.

Lewis comically announces that he needs to use the restroom during a UFC interview without even being aware that he is on-air. Almost immediately after the interview, he starts to reveal himself, almost as if it never even happened.

Matt Hughes that while he was pleased 

I’m Not Impressed…Most people usually picture Georges St-Pierre as a typically respectful but powerful fighter when they think of him. One of GSP’s funniest moments involved him treating a potential opponent with utter disdain.

Taking over for Rogan, GSP informed Matt Hughes that while he was pleased with his victory, he wasn’t particularly delighted with his performance. The incident gave rise to a viral MMA meme that is still going strong today. Many UFC supporters frequently mimic GSP’s catchphrase.

Mike Perry’s Halo

The Punches Were Super NecessaryFans of Mike Perry are aware of his charisma, and one of his funniest moments was actually the result of an accident. According to the narrative, Perry intended to exit the stage to the Halo video game soundtrack, but Beyonce’s smash hit Halo was played instead.

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