5 WWE Superstars who got seriously injured in ladder matches

One of the riskiest sorts of bouts in WWE are ladder matches. No matter how skilled you are, there is always a risk when working with heavy loads of steel and heights. Let’s now look at some severe injuries sustained by WWE Superstars in ladder bouts throughout the years.

#1 CM Punk

The infamous 2013 Money in the Bank ladder match, which also comes later on our list, is where we begin. We begin with CM Punk’s terrible injury from that evening. Paul Heyman repeatedly struck Punk over the head with a ladder, causing the unsightly wound.

The image of Punk after receiving sutures is seen below. After the game, Punk posted the image on social media. During this encounter, another Superstar sustained a catastrophic injury. 

#2 Jeff Hardy (the kings of ladder matches)

For many reasons, Extreme Rules 2009 was a major event for WWE. We’re here to talk about Edge vs. Jeff Hardy’s ladder battle for the World Heavyweight Championship, though. There were several risky areas in the bout, and Jeff Hardy eventually had to leave with numerous wounds. The first injury Hardy sustained was to his shoulder as a result of a ladder-to-ladder fight with Edge. After a clumsy fall from the ladder, the second injury—a fractured finger—occurred.

Though Hardy finally prevailed, his triumph was fleeting. In order to claim the World Heavyweight title, CM Punk appeared on stage and paid in his Money In The Bank contract.

#3 Sheamus

One of my favorite Money In The Bank ladder matches from 2013 is still one of my favorites, and the Superstars that competed in it felt its effects rather strongly. CM Punk fled with what seemed to be a severe head wound. Rob Van Dam’s head wound required numerous staples to seal before he exited the arena, but that wasn’t even the worst damage he sustained throughout the fight.

Sheamus, who presently forms one-half of Bar with Cesaro, sustained a serious shoulder injury that kept him out of action for several months. Rob Van Dam shoved a ladder when Sheamus was at the top of it, causing the Irishman to land awkwardly, and Sheamus therefore had a ruptured labrum on his shoulder.

#4 Bubba Ray Dudley

One of the scariest occurrences on our list is this one. The fourth TLC match was being broadcast on WWE RAW in 2002. All of the players in the ring increased their stakes and took some unnecessary risks that evening.

In one especially terrible spot, Chris Jericho slammed Bubba Ray Dudley with a Bulldog from the top of the ladder, severely concussing him. Soon after making the move, Bubba passed out and was in a terrifying condition backstage.

When Bubba Ray Dudley was being helped backstage, he continued demanding to see his mother despite the fact that his mother had just recently gone away. Bubba Ray was so shaken up at the moment. In that terrifying scenario, Tommy Dreamer, who was with Bubba Ray, felt compelled to tell him a falsehood and say that his mother would arrive later.

#5 Joey Mercury

The fifth and final injury on this list is the most horrifying: Joey Mercury’s fractured nose. MNM (Mercury, Nitro, Melina) competed for the Tag-Team Championships at the Armageddon PPV in 2006 against William Regal & Dave Taylor, Brian Kendrick & Paul London, and The Hardyz.

Mercury’s nose was totally broken after he unintentionally whacked his face with a ladder during the game. He needed assistance immediately when uncontrollable bloodspilling began. The injury was somewhat of Joey Mercury’s in-ring career’s death knell. He did eventually go back to the ring, but nothing was ever exactly the same. After experiencing difficulties with addiction,

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