5 WWE Legends who always did what’s best for Business

WWE uses the phrase “best of business” to describe the professionalism of its performers both on and off-screen. Previously, talents would commonly oppose to plans because they believed the organization didn’t know what was best for their long-term planning. Many noteworthy individuals have made their own requests and demands in contrast to the best for business notion.

Some wrestlers, on the other hand, were known for always acting honorably and trying to improve the interests of others. We’ll look at these cases to discover what happened to get these reputations. Find out which of your favorites liked to make their own judgments and which pros were. These five WWE icons have always behaved in the best interests of the organization.

Best for business: The Undertaker

Being content to take a backseat, The Undertaker was rarely WWE’s top overall star. Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, The Rock, and John Cena were among the wrestlers who, at various times, were made the company’s face, while Undertaker served as one of the secondary main eventers.

The Undertaker didn’t have as much ego when it came to putting others down as most of his contemporaries did. Thanks to Undertaker’s efforts to improve their appearance, characters like Kane and Mankind were improved. Even less skilled wrestlers like The Great Khali would watch as ‘Taker defeated them without raising an objection.

Best for business: Mick Foley

Numerous legends were quite selective in the wrestlers they picked to dominate. Mick Foley loved that part of his profession more than his colleagues did. In his latter career, Foley helped The Rock and Triple H become more well-known by absorbing significant hits during bloody matches.

Foley came out of retirement for even brief periods with the intention of aiding others. After defeating Foley in intense matches, Randy Orton and Edge were able to advance in their respective careers. In a scene where Melina turned on him, Foley managed to get the better of her. The hardcore icon was one of the most charitable wrestlers ever.

Best for business: Kane

Kane defeated nearly every superstar that WWE intended to become well-known during the course of his lengthy career. Kane had a successful career with a few main event appearances, which helped him establish himself as a true legend in the organisation.

He would, however, mostly be utilised by WWE in the mid-card to support some of the up-and-coming stars. Braun Strowman, Umaga, and Daniel Bryan have all benefited professionally from working with Kane. Kane is thought to have a good attitude and enjoys giving back to the sport.

Best for business: Chris Jericho

One wrestler who has a reputation for putting people over to make them look strong is Chris Jericho. In Jericho, who claimed in his autobiography that he influenced the outcome because management wanted Cena to lose, John Cena won his first PPV match.

When they collaborated, other wrestlers like CM Punk, Bray Wyatt, and Kevin Owens benefited significantly from Jericho’s selfless side. Even though Jericho acknowledged that it was a waste of his talent to defeat Fandango at WrestleMania 29, he did so anyhow.

Best for business: The Rock

Despite being the biggest star in wrestling history, The Rock never shied away from dominating others. Fans of Rock will probably discover that their favourite matches of his frequently ended in defeat. Rock, in particular, enjoyed passing over abilities when doing so would further their careers.

Before he entered Hollywood, Rock was defeated by Brock Lesnar and Goldberg in decisive fashion. At WrestleMania 20, the Evolution team defeated Rock and Mick Foley by a significant margin to support Batista and Randy Orton. Even lesser-known acts like The Hurricane profited from Rock’s ability to make them seem powerful.


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