T20 World Cup 2022: 5 Best Yorker Specialists in the World

T20 World Cup 2022: Bowling a Yorker is a unique craft that is seemingly disappearing with each passing day, in part because cricket has evolved in a way that precisely correlates to the level of commitment required to execute the death ball flawlessly.

If you strayed even one inch, you would receive a royal beating that went all the way to the ropes. Not every bowler in the world has the guts to frequently use the best tools at their disposal. However, in the annals of cricket, the Yorker has sucked galaxies into black holes, never to be seen again. We will examine the top five Yorker bowlers in the world right now in this article.

1. Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc

The Aussie quick’s Yorkers are difficult to handle because he laces a lot of swing with his toe-crushers. You would be aware of the kind of destruction that Starc is capable of if you could recall the infamous name of James Vince. Vince’s off-stump was uprooted when he threw the ball along the line of the middle stump, which swung a long distance.

Although it wasn’t really a Yorker, it was pretty near the spot where a warring Vince would have been completely astounded. Ramnaresh Sarwan, Mohammad Rizwan, Yasir Shah, Murali Vijay, Kusal Perera, Colin Munro, and Jacques Kallis were just a few names who were subject to the full wrath of Starc’s threatening Yorkers.

2. Trent Boult

Trent Boult

Trent Boult, a fast bowler from New Zealand, also uses the in-swinging Yorker frequently. At 145 plus, he can start putting out those vicious toe-crushing bullets.

Given that he is a left-arm, he creates those distinctive angles that make him almost unplayable when he comes in from around the wicket for any batter, particularly when he pitches the lethal Yorkers right in the line of the middle stump, where the latter is forced to either get his bat down or play with a cross bat and needs to be precise with his timing. The stumps can fly in either a millisecond late or early.

3. Shaheen Afridi

Shaheen Afridi


An emerging star in the realm of international cricket, the 6’5″ beast from Pakistan poses an unquestionable death threat to any batter in the globe with the amount of destruction he is capable of inflicting.

He would whip in those nasty swinging Yorkers as he came in with steam in his sails, frequently troubling the batters and making their lives a misery. Additionally, he has some raw pace in his sleeve, which causes the Yorkers to virtually routinely come out at 145 or higher ticks, making it even more challenging for the batters to keep steadily standing or get the bat down in time.

And if you’re a southpaw, that only makes it a Victorian mystery on wheels for whoever has the willow at the other end. In addition, he is only 22 years old. There is yet an entire cricket generation to add to his terrifying antics. Pakistan’s X-factor for the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 will be Shaheed Afridi.

4. Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah

The fearsome Yorker is, of course, the Indian ace’s main weapon. He uses those toe-crushers a lot more than those disgusting bumpers to do his work. He locks on, roars in from a distance, and hammers in the death merchant who has been causing havoc on the fabric of world cricket ever since his creation. He is one of the hardest bowlers to face in the dying overs when the hitters typically bring out the heavy guns due to his ability to produce picture-perfect Yorkers.

In the ICC T20 World Cup, Jasprit Bumrah will be India’s most effective offensive player, and the Yorkers will be his most lethal tool.

5. Kagiso Rabada

_Kagiso Rabada

Choosing between Jofra Archer and Kagiso Rabada was a difficult decision. Rabada is favored, nonetheless, as a result of Archer’s inactivity during the past few years. The South African fast bowler, who is now among the greatest in the quick bowling industry, has the ability to kiss the deck very hard in the undesirable spot that throws the batters off balance. He doesn’t employ this weapon often, but he still has the ability to produce those rippers repeatedly and is among the best in the industry at Yorkers.

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